Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2021

5 Everest Summits for ‘Kuluar Pohod’ Team – 1st June

Following a successful day yesterday the Kuluar Club team celebrated 5 further summits of Everest today – 1st June.

“Everest! We reached the top!

“Four members of the expedition to Everest from the Kuluar Club, together with their team leader Nikita Balabanov, climbed to the top of the world today!

“Sergey Denisenko
Vitaly Khinenzon
Natalya Vladykina
Sergey Belov

“Now everyone is on the way down!

“Unfortunately, the group that reached the summit of Everest yesterday did not manage to climb Lhotse.

Taras Late
Dmitry Semerenko
Pavel Bezdenezhnykh
Yuri Solodukhin

“The ropes were covered with snow due to heavy snowfalls. The group goes down and will soon be in the second camp. We are awaiting news from the participants and will definitely keep you updated.”