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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – SannaInTheMountains – 29th April

@SannaInTheMountains gave this update on Instagram from EBC on 29/04.

A couple of nights ago I took the camera and tripod outside our camp to capture some night time sights. It’s almost full moon so there is a lot of light through the night, especially when the strong moonbeams reflect on the snowcapped #peaks and glaciers. It’s pretty magical and if it didn’t get a bit chilly after a while, I’d sit out there all night staring at the beauty of it all 😊

There is no light pollution here, only a soft glow coming from the #tents along the #glacier after dark. And although everything quietens down after dinner, it is only temporary: by midnight you will see many tiny head torches snaking up the #Icefall as many climbers and #Sherpas prefer to navigate the challenging terrain at night to reach #basecamp 1 (#C1) and beyond.

Yesterday Roeland and I took the decision to descend further down the valley to #Dingboche (4,350m) for a few days in order to aid our recovery, which will be speedier in a warmer and more oxygen-filled environment. In #BC even a small ailment can linger for days and make it hard to get rid of. With some slightly unstable weather forecast in the horizon also it was an easier decision to make so after breakfast we walked five hours downhill to a warm and friendly welcome in Snow Lion Lodge. The welcome was already making us both feel more energized and better.