Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 – Talking Trash on the Mountain

Leonardo Avezzano talks trash on Mount Everest – 6th May.

“Two kind of people: doers and talkers.

“2021 is probably the most controversial year to climb Everest. The use of supplemental O2 is condemned by the majority of Alpinist and journalists of the domain. Try to add the fact that in India and Nepal the COVID cases are exploding and the O2 is in scarcity, exposing all the climber which will use bottled air to the dilemma of using precious air which can be used in intensive care in the overcrowded hospitals, like this can make any change in the crisis.

“But there are also admirable stories happening on the holy rocks of Everest. As a team we finalised the second acclimatisation rotation, and on the way back from Camp 3 (7200mts) @dawa_tenji found an exhausted O2 cylinder and walked with it till base camp, where he deposited to the “trash point” of @mountaincleaning2021. As he said “doesn’t matter how it ended up on the mountain, the important is that leaves it as soon as possible”.

“This is not the first time that Tenzi brings back the trash that someone else leaves on the mountain. I like people like Tenzi, doing something good instead of talking of something bad and doing nothing. And I like the idea that we haven’t start using O2 and we’ve already brought back some trash. It’s up to you, you’re either a doer or a talker.

Headline photo captured at 6800 mts climbing the Lhotse Face with Alaa Hashim Al-juneidi for #ontopoftheworldin80days project