Monday, July 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Clayton Wolfe – 13th May

An Everest update from Clayton Wolfe – 13th May.

“After a decent amount of time at high altitude, it’s so nice to return “home” to Everest Base Camp. Even though 17,600ft is not exactly low altitude, the difference in altitude is quite noticeable coming from 24,000ft and when you arrive there is a real feeling of relief and relaxation.

“At EBC we can truly relax! We can do laundry, have hot showers, enjoy good food, enjoy the relatively warmer climate, and yes there is WiFi. The tents are incredibly comfortable and large compared to typical mountaineering tents, complete with a mattress for a solid nights sleep. Additionally, there’s a large community dome where we can hang out, read, play ping-pong, listen to music, enjoy espressos from a real espresso machine and barista, or just lay on the floor and space out. Half the fun is listing to other people’s stories on the mountain!

“Not all base camps are the same: besides having top tier guides and sherpas, @climbingthesevensummits is known to have the best base camp setup and position in the ice fall. You can easily see the difference in quality vs. other teams/ outfitters setups.

“A lot of this may seem surprising or over-the-top, but when you’re on a 60+ day expedition, the extra comforts really go a long way to keep you happy and healthy physically and mentally.

“The jet stream is moving back over Mt. Everest (it’s so tall it pierces the jet stream!). What that means is we will be hanging out in EBC for several days, patiently waiting for the next summit window. Good news is there are a lot of beautiful day hikes to do around here!

“We are on standby, and ready to go at a moments notice!”