Saturday, April 20, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Með Umhyggju – 6th May

A translated update from Með Umhyggju, climbing with Angs Himalayan Adventures – 6th May.

“Here we sit with our friends for a morning coffee at Camp 2 on the slopes of Everest. We are about to end the spandex season (after all, it got its time and more than that) and the time for comfortable dungeons has arrived.”

“Camp 2 is located at 6400m above sea level. We stayed there for 3 nights together in a small tent. The smell was good as we had both taken a shower 5 or 6 days ago. The only difference between us is that Sigga feels overestimated cleaning her laundry “it is possible to do it at the end of the trip”. Otherwise as in a nice relationship, it is not the smell itself, but the odor receiver on the other side.

“We had a good height adjustment on the mountain itself. We went up to almost 7000m altitude on the slopes of Lhotse. We slept well and were quite free of headaches and other classic things that can happen at such a high altitude.

“Now we are all the way back down to the Everest base camp (5,360m altitude) and waiting for good weather to try to climb Everest.

“Why did we not go higher in the height adjustment where Everest is 8848.68m high? This is because when the weather window opens on the summit of Everest, we will climb to camp 3 (7,200m altitude) and take oxygen from that height to the top. The reason we take oxygen from that altitude is because we are approaching a so-called “death zone” which is based on an altitude of 8000m. At that height, the oxygen has become so low that the body / cells die.

“About 200 people have climbed Everest without extra oxygen of approx. 5000 people who have climbed Everest. Since we both care about beautiful skin and healthy cells, we are going to suck O2 from camp 3, as most people do.

“It is interesting to note that one Icelander has climbed a mountain higher than 8000m high and crossed the so-called “death zone” without extra oxygen. @ vilborg.arna climbed the 6th highest mountain in the world Cho Oyu 8,188m high just a few years ago. After all, Vilborg is not interested in renewal and cell maintenance. Admittedly, she got that interest later and started Everest with oxygen in 2017.”