Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Mountain Professionals – 6th May

An Everest update from the ‘Mountain Professionals’ team from 6th May.

“On the morning of April 4th, the Mountain Professionals team left Base Camp en route to Camp 1 on their second and final acclimatization run up Everest. Since the team has access to very thorough and detailed forecasts, they knew the weather would be a bit touchy, but decided to push forward nonetheless.

“After a successful journey to Camp 1, the team proceeded to Camp 2 on the 5th. In refreshing contrast with the forecast, the sun blazed down on the Western Cwm and the group arrived by lunchtime to a well-equipped camp prepared by their legendary Sherpa team.
Spirits were high at C2 as the sun set and soft golden light illuminated the valley. A lively evening consisted of music, fresh chicken and pasta, and games of chess (which the team has suddenly become very fond of).

“Today was a rest day before the team heads off to tag Camp 3 tomorrow. To pass the time, the group enjoyed great food and fellowship with the staff amidst the omnipresent backdrop of some of the world’s most storied peaks. Best of luck to all teams as they continue working their way to the summit!”