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Everest 2023 Updates – 3rd May


Updates from 3rd May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 




We have completed our acclimatization schedule and will be heading to base camp tomorrow



Asad Ali Memon

First acclimatisation rotation completed!!

What I’ve done:
– 1 night at Camp 1 (6065m).
– 2 nights at Camp 2 (6450m).
– Climbed up to 6800m & spent some time there.

Heading Back to Basecamp now!



Climbing The Seven Summits

Lots of action on Mt Everest!

About half of our team is here in EBC or below resting, taking showers, going for short day hikes and relaxing in the big dome waiting for their summit bids. The other half of the team has headed uphill on their second rotation to tag Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face before returning to base camp.

The weather has turned for the better with clear skies, warm temps and lower winds. The teams are doing well and enjoying being surrounded by the power and immensity of the Himalayas.



Elite Expeditions

All of our clients have successfully rotated up to Camp 3 and are now back at basecamp resting and awaiting for their summit push!



Madison Mountaineering

Our second rotations are off on Mount Everest!

With our first team having safely and successfully reached Camp 2, our second team will be ascending to Camp 1 shortly as they make their first voyage through the Khumbu Icefall. The teams plan to spend several days above the icefall and in the Western Cwm as they continue to acclimatize their bodies and spend nights further up the mountain. With good weather, we have a small team who plans to make an attempt on Nuptse!



Ryan Waters, owner and Mountain Professionals

“A five day acclimatization rotation on the Everest route is now complete for our Everest and Lhotse climbers. Overall the route between basecamp and camp 2 are the best in recent memory. Very few ladders or tricky sections. The route to camp three is on the contrary quite icy and hard compared to recent years. The final 400 vertical feet into the camp 3 location at roughly 7300 is demanding with harder ice than what is typical.

The group has returned to basecamp and are now resting and checking out of the climb for a few days, showers, washing items, general chill time. Now ready for the summit push which will happen in some short time from this week.”



Pioneer Expeditions

All teams have finished their rotation at the higher camps and are now safely at base camp, where they will rest and refuel in preparation for the summit push when the weather is favorable and the summit route is established.



Alpine Ascents

The team completed their first acclimatization rotation on Lobuche East a few days ago, returned to Basecamp for a quick rest, and have now climbed through the Khumbu Icefall up to Camp I. Lead guide @benmjones said the Khumbu is in the best shape he’s seen during his 12 years there. The team made it up to Camp I in just over 5 hours, moving strong and smooth!