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DiariesEverest 2022

Everest Diaries – 14th May


A summary of events from the slopes of Everest on 14th May 2022.

Taken from Social Media and Team Pages – updated throughout the day

Climbing the Seven Summits

All of our 2nd wave of climbers are safely back at the South Col camp having soup and rehydrating. A huge congrats again to all of our 11 summiteers today, bringing us to a total of 29 so far this season!

1) Jessica Hepburn
2) Kami Sherpa
3) Pasang Tendi Sherpa
4) Jane Kanizay
5) Pasang Sherpa
6) Gabby Kanizay
7) Sujan Gurung
8) Lhakpa Sherpa
9) Kusang Dorjee Tamang
10) Dawa Dendi Sherpa
11) Namgyal Dorjee Tamang

Amazing work to mother/daughter team Jane and Gabby for summiting together and Gabby for becoming the youngest Australian to summit. Gabby and guide Tendi will attempt Lhotse tomorrow morning to complete the double in under 24 hrs. Gabby and Tendi will become our 5th an 6th climbers to do so this season if successful. Jessica and Jane will descend to Camp 2.
Manal and guide Anup will ascend to the South Col tomorrow.
How about this summit pic from guide Pemba Gyelje from our 1st wave of climbers?! There’s nothing like the feeling of the sun hitting your face as you crest Everest’s summit after a long, cold night of climbing! #

8k Expeditions

Today on 14 May 2022 at around 4:30 AM – 7:30AM huge number of members summit everest from 8K International team “A”
Summiteer List:
1. Gantulga Bekh Ochir 🇲🇳
2. Lakpa T Sherpa 🇳🇵
3. Yorick Daniel Vion- Leader 🇫🇷
4. Tsering Dawa Sherpa 🇳🇵
5. Nathaniel James Douglas🇺🇸
6. Pemba Tashi Sherpa 🇳🇵
7. Liliya Ianovskaia 🇨🇦
8. Pema Chhiring Sherpa 🇳🇵 (Lead) IFMGA
9. Darya Ianovskaia 🇨🇦
10. Ang Pemba Sherpa 🇳🇵
11. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa 🇳🇵
12. Aziz Abdileilidaghi 🇮🇷
13. Pemnurbu Sherpa 🇳🇵
14. Dawa Lama Sherpa 🇳🇵
15. Jose Armando Navarrete Ulloa – Mexico
16. Pemba D Sherpa – Nepal
17. Brian David Glen Bethell – Canada
18. Lakpa Sherpa – Nepal
19. Kasturi Deepak Savekar – India
20. Tsering Samduk Sherpa – Nepal
We entire 8K family would like to congratulate and pray for safe descend.


Three of our Everest members and 3 Sherpas are now in Everest High Camp. They plan to begin their ascent to the summit of Everest at 7pm, which is just a few hours from now. We wish them all of the best and will keep you updated.

Seven Summit Treks

Nayla Nasir A. Albaloushi from the UAE 🇦🇪 First Emirati female to climb Mt. Everest.
2. Vanessa Estol – Uruguay 🇺🇾 First Uruguayan Female to climb Mt. Everest.
3. He Jing 🇨🇳 China, climb without using supplementary O2.
4. Oswaldo Aurelio Freire Cartagena 🇪🇨
5. John Charles Bosco 🇺🇸
6. Afsaneh Hesami Fard 🇮🇷
7. Pasang Phurba Sherpa (Director of Seven Summit Treks) 🇳🇵
8. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa 🇳🇵
9. Ngima Tashi Sherpa 🇳🇵
10. Ngang Tashi Sherpa 🇳🇵
11. Sange Sherpa 🇳🇵
12. Mingma Thinduk Sherpa 🇳🇵
13. Jangbu Sherpa 🇳🇵
14. Pastenji Sherpa 🇳🇵
15. Angeli Sherpa 🇳🇵
16. Tenjing Sherpa 🇳🇵
17. Ngima Thinduk Sherpa 🇳🇵
18. Lakpa Sherpa 🇳🇵
19. Renji Sherpa

International Mountain Guides

Great news overnight from our team on Mount Everest and Lhotse. IMG Climbers George Vojteck Pesek and Fura Gyalzen Sherpa reached the summit at 7:05am. What a huge accomplishment just one day after summiting Mount Everest. They have been climbing strong the entire season. Congratulations to George and Fura on another great climb!

Team 2 had a great day as well with everyone moving up the Lhotse Face to Camp 3. They will be up early to continue up to the South Col and put themselves in position to Summit on the 15th. We have two more climbers who took a well deserved and additional rest day at Camp 2 who will head up to Camp 3 tomorrow.
All is well on Mount Everest and Lhotse!

Jonathan Lamy

I summited Everest on 13th May!
I had my all bet on this day from the start, even without a weather update yet.
Well that was the one
It all went by so quickly… without covid it’s simpler. It took me 29 days from Kathmandu to summit Everest with natural acclimatization and no carrier for my personal material!
38 hours of effort from Camp 3 to the summit then back down to Camp 2.
All this intertwined with a surreal problem in the South Neck at 8,000m… An enormous flight of oxygen.
Sadly we had to adapt.
I climbed Everest without guide, but I don’t forget Mingma Guide who was 2h downstream with oxygen in case of problems. 🙏
Unfortunately I was short for a good while to the summit.
Felt very out of breath, way too much.. but at the top a friend tells me that I have “50” left, so wide… but I looked again and it was 0
Great moment of solitude at the summit.
‘I need some ox! , I’ve been at 0 for a long time! “
My sentence was taken as a joke at this point 🤣
But it’s at the moment of rolling on the floor like Neymar that the comrades started to understand…
“Do you want a bottle?” “
I was able to recover fast enough at 4L/min volume for 5 minutes to take some photos 😉
➡️ 1hour and 45 minutes to the summit! ❤️
Of course there were tears !!!
Because Everest is not just a mountain.
I’m the French fastest to chain Everest twice… but now I’ll leave her alone for a few years
Pasang Tenzing Sherpa
Safely back to base camp after leading successfully leading AH Everest on 12th & Lhotse on 13th May, it was hard leading two 8k within 24hrs

Kenton Cool

After being delayed due to high winds…

The push for the summit is ON!

Full Circle Everest Expedition

Every member who took part on the summit push made it to the top!

Congrats to the summit team:

Manoah Ainuu
Evan Green
KG Kagami
Thomas Moore
Dom Mullins
Rosemary Saal
Eddie Taylor

Our Sherpa climbers and support team that also reached the summit included:

Pasang Nima Sherpa
Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa
Phurtemba Sherpa
Dawa Chhiri Sherpa
Sonam Gaylje Sherpa
Nima Nuru Sherpa
Chopal Sherpa
chawang Lhendup Sherpa
Tasha Gyalje Sherpa
Amrit Ale @himalayanquests

Camera crew:
Pemba Sherpa
Nawang Tenji Sherpa

And special thanks to the Expedition Leader Philip Henderson, base camp tech Adina Scott and additional team members Abby Dione and Fred Campbell.

Lastly this wouldn’t be possible with out the support of our amazing Sherpa team and basecamp staff.

Garth Miller

Go Time. We leave Base Camp tonight. We aim to summit before 20 May.


SummitClimb – Lhotse

Dispatch: one of our Lhotse members and 2 Sherpas are now in Lhotse High Camp. They plan to begin their ascent to the summit of Lhotse at midnight. We wish them all of the best and will keep you updated.

Furtenbach Adventures – Lhotse

Our Lhotse Team summitted this morning. They are now on the way back down.

Congratulations to everybody.

Kristin Harila – Kanchenjunga

Kristin, Pasdawa Sherpa and Dawa Ongju Sherpa did successfully summit #kanchenjunga at 8,586 m at 5:30 a.m. Nepal time this morning. Another peak is done in #Bremont14Peaks!

“We have returned to camp 4. Very exhausted after spending 10 hrs 45 min up and only 2 hrs 30 min down. I am delighted to have made the summit”, Kristin reports.

They will head to base camp and then directly to Everest base camp preparing for 2 x summit of Everest and Lhotse.


Selected Trackers

Gabriel Tarso

Jon Gupta

Kenton Cool

Sabrina Filzmoser

Zach White