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DiariesEverest 2022

Everest Diaries – 13th May


A summary of events from the slopes of Everest on 13th May 2022.

Taken from Social Media and Team Pages – updated throughout the day

Lucy Westlake

May 12th at 5:36 am (Nepal time) I became the youngest American woman to stand on top of the world. The expedition took 26 days, but every single step was worth it. Looking up at the summit from Camp 4 the day before our summit push, it truly looked impossible, but that night at 9pm we began our climb and 8.5 hours later, we did it!! I still can’t really believe it. In my weakness, He gave me strength.

Kenton Cool

The push for the summit has been delayed due to high winds.

The team had a look and turned round due to the conditions.

The plan is to try again tomorrow.

Madison Mountaineering

It’s go time! Our Everest and Lhotse climbers depart from base camp tonight to begin their summit push. They’ve been in Nepal since early April preparing for this moment and the stoke is high!

Clayton Wolfe

On 5/12/22 at 9:07 Nepal time I stepped on to the top of the world, standing on top of Mt. Everest, 29,035ft, completing my 4th mountain of the #7summits. 🏔

•I cannot express enough gratitude for @pasanguide8848.86 (lead guide) and @tcexpeditions for safely guiding me to the summit and back down. Of course, a huge thanks to @climbingthesevensummits for providing the best guides to climb with when your life depends on it. 🙏🏼

•A special thanks to all of the people who took the time to send me messages on my InReach. I was able to read them at times during my summit push and the strength it gave me to keep climbing strong when things got tough was simply inspirational. 🚀

•Thank you @thewanderclub ! You enabled me to raise $14,000 with my “Everest Golden Tokens” for @scottsdale2030 to help underprivileged kids in Arizona, helping us hit our $2M goal! I asked for support from many small and large businesses, they were one of one the the only to stand behind me at this magnitude with me without question, from the start! 🤝

•To my friends, family, and followers, your support on this journey meant the world to me! 🥹

•The past several years I’ve dedicated a substantial portion of my life to climbing this mountain. If there is anything I’ve learned from it that I can share to you is to set lofty goals and don’t give up on them, or yourself, ever. Even when things get tough and don’t go your way, it’s all about how bad you want it and what you’re willing to commit to make it come true. 💪🏽

Cheers to NEVER giving up! 🥂


Meghan Buchanen

On May 12, 2022 I reached the top of Mt. Everest with my super amazing Sherpa crew.

We reached the top at sunrise… After HOURS of pushing ourselves, we made it. I stood at the top of GORGEOUS Mt Everest in complete AWE.

We didn’t stay at the summit long, but I turned those moments into hours for myself. Understanding that nothing I’ve achieved is due to luck, rather determination and hard work.

Let this be your reminder: You can do it.
Let nothing hold you back.
You can achieve anything with the mindset of GGRIT.
You can achieve your EVEREST.

Furtenbach Adventures


Today, Friday 13th all our 17 member (amongst them the oldest Brit to summit Everest) Everest Flash Team summited Mount Everest in the morning in perfect conditions together with 27 of the best Sherpa in the world. And not to forget to mention: that was only 16 days after leaving Kathmandu and only once through the Khumbu Icefall.

This changes the Everest game totally. This is Flash Climbing.

Actually its even faster than Flash climbing. Contact us if you want to learn more. Congratulations to all summiters and a big thank you to the guides and Sherpa

Terray Sylvester

Onward and upward! Tonight we start our summit push. If weather and route conditions treat us well, we hope to stand on top of Everest in a little less than a week.

Everest ER

The summit push to Everest and Lhotse began this week, with almost 200 people summiting Everest on May 12. Because many are up on the mountain, we have been helping out with virtual advice on radio calls from the upper camps. We stabilized and cared for a critical case flown from higher camp then down to Kathmandu for definitive care.

A quick list of the top diagnoses until now from most common to least:
– Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
– High Altitude Cough
– Gastritis/acid reflux
– Musculoskeletal issues
– Skin issues/skin trauma
– Acute Mountain Sickness
– Gastroenteritis
– Pneumonia/Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
– Frostnip/frostbite
– Others

Josh Garrison

As I prepare to leave out tonight on our summit rotation for Mt. Everest and Lhotse, to say I have mixed emotions is an understatement. My team has been here 6 weeks enduring cold, snow, avalanches, sickness, altitude and about every extreme condition you can throw at us. For those of you who think Everest is a “walk up,” I challenge you to climb your way through the Khumbu Icefall on single lines with just an ascender or shaky ladder 6 different times at around 6 hours each trip through just hoping it doesn’t shift and crush your whole team. I also challenge you to find a team of 12 climbers who could possibly get along better and hopefully support each other all the way to the top.
I don’t know if you call it a mission, challenge or expedition but there is no doubt much of it works just like a military deployment. From the logistics, over 60 support personnel, air assets and medical support it all has to work together to make it happen.

I want to thank each of my teammates, all of the guides and support personnel but I don’t want to lose sight of the bigger picture for me and that the 22 Veteran’s who commit suicide each day. There are so many challenges just like this one that give us the opportunity to continue to do great things and have the most incredible experiences. I know as well as anyone what we face when we get home but remember you can look past all of it and find bigger and greater challenges. Keep strong and brothers and sisters if you need anything, say the word and I will be there. Each of you have the opportunity to do the same.

Namaste and see you on top!


And he did it again! 24hrs after Everest, Mark summited Lhotse, too! Together with him is Pega, Margret and Sonam. Congrats to y’all! What an achievement.

We are all super proud of you!

Mark chose our Express Ascent; 37 days for 2 Peaks with guided (!) preacclimatisation at home.

Now descend safely to C2 and enjoy the great and mild weather. Stay safe!

David Goettler

 My final rotation is now in the books, touching the top of the Geneva Spur at 7900m. It was definitely a long day as I started from C2 and ended back down in EBC but I can’t complain as I had a special rainbow-halo in C2 and simply breathtaking views on the whole climb up and at my high point. Now I’m ready for some proper rest days before deciding how to proceed.

Ascent Himalayas

Our team successfully made it to the summit of Mt Lhotse(8516m) on 13th May 2022.

Ronald Quintero(Honduras) successfully made to the summit of Mt lhotse at approx 07:15 am and became the first person from his country to summit Mt Lhotse(8516m) accompanied by Pasang Tenzing Sherpa(Rolwaling) & Sange Sherpa(Simigaun).He is also the first Honduran to Summit 2 8000m in a row.Everest Summit on 12th May 2022 & Lhotse Summit on 13th May 2022.

Erlend Ness & James Miller will also descend soon for camp 2 together with the Sherpa team.

Todd Ammerman

Prayers for this team as they begin their push to the summit today. From Todd-Leaving out of base camp (17,300’) on summit rotation at 1:00am. It will take us 5 days to climb to the highest point in the world (29,032’). Pray that weather remains in our favor. Will keep you posted as we can.

Mingma David Sherpa

A move towards the summit always excites me. Everest/ Lhotse summit is in progress.

Carter Beck

 Game time. Heading out of base camp at 1am. Godspeed to Madison Mountaineering.


Mountain Expeditions – Kanchenjunga

What. A. Moment.

I am overjoyed to post that all 5 members of my team plus our 6 Sherpa reached the summit of Kanchenjunga at 8am on 12th May!

🇳🇵 Pemba Nuru Sherpa (Khumjung)
🇳🇵 Dawa Tenji Sherpa (Khumjung)
🇳🇵 Lhakpa Wongchu Sherpa (Pangboche)
🇳🇵 Ang Kame Sherpa (Makalu)
🇳🇵 Ang Tendi Sherpa (Bupsa)
🇳🇵 Mingmar Rinji Sherpa (Makalu)

🇬🇧 Jon Gupta
🇬🇧 Matt Elkin
🇬🇧 Adam Booth
🇬🇧 Nick Martiny-Roberts
🇬🇧 Tom Lawfield
🇬🇧 Rupert Jones-Warner

Everyone absolutely fine albeit tired and with tired legs! Just got back to Basecamp. More to come very soon…

Jay Whiting – Nuptse

The last few days have been a bit of a blur.

We were forced to turn back 60m from the summit of Nuptse at around 7,800m due to there not being enough equipment to fix the final section. Absolutely heartbreaking and frustrating to get so close but have to turn around because of a logistic mess up.

However after heading back to Kathmandu for some long deliberations @7summitsteve have decided not to let this scupper our objectives and have decided to return to try to finish the tasks at hand.

We will be heading back up to camp 2 in the next couple of days.

Lakpa Sherpa – Makalu

Thank you to all my friends and family for your warm wishes during my climb to Mt.Makalu. And yes, me along with my team have marked the summit by 12th of May 2022 on the top of Mt.Makalu 8485m. I would like to express my gratitude to all my team and goddess of Mt.Makalu to make the entire climbing smooth and successful. Now we are at base camp and very soon we’ll be back to Kathmandu city.

Team of SST/14PEAK Makalu Exped 2022 summit name list as follows:

👉🏻Summiteers name list:
1. Viridian Alvarez Chavez 🇲🇽
2. Fultura Ibrahimi 🇽🇰
3. Xue Chen 🇨🇳
4. Mohammad Reza Shahlaei 🇮🇷
5. Pema Khando Chinyam 🇺🇸
6. Maya Sherpa 🇳🇵
7. Carlos Santalena 🇧🇷
8.Vladimir Kotlyar a
9.Yuri Contreras
10. Laura Gonzalez

1. Lakpa Sherpa 🇳🇵
2. Pasang Ongdi Sherpa 🇳🇵
3. Thawa chhiri Sherpa🇳🇵
4. Thomas Bhote 🇳🇵
5. Lakpa Temba Sherpa 🇳🇵
6. Chinjung Bhote 🇳🇵
7. Ngngba Sherpa 🇳🇵

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