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Summer Season in the Karakoram – 2021

A look at who is planning to climb what in Pakistan this summer!

(This list will be constantly evolving and updating and is taken from various Media accounts)

Graham Zimmerman and Ian WelstedWest Ridge of K2 – Updates

Jeff Spelmans and Niels JespersBroad Peak then K2 – Tracker Updates

Sajid Sadpara and Elia Saikaly – Looking for answers on K2. – Updates

Carlos GarranzoClimbing K2Tracker Updates

Oswald PereiraFilming on K2 and Broad Peak Updates

Fotis TheocharisAiming for the K2 and Broad Peak double – Tracker – Updates

Jerry GoreK2 Insulin Challenge – Updates

Rick Allen, Jordi Tosas and Raimon Montoliu – With Karakorum Expeditions on K2 and Broad Peak

Shehroze Kashif – Young climber from Pakistan goes from Everest to K2 – Updates

Tamara Lunger – Returns to K2 – Updates

Mike KuengStephan Keck – The climbers / paragliders will be on Broad Peak and K2 – Keck Tracker Updates

Samina Baig – Aiming to be the first Muslim woman to climb K2 – Updates

Pete Brittleton and Paul Etheridge – UK Climbers going for Broad Peak and K2CumbriaToK2Updates

Victor Sans – Climbing K2 after Broad Peak – Tracker – Updates

Garrett Madison,  – Guiding on K2 and Broad Peak – Updates

Kenton Cool, – Guiding on K2 and Broad Peak – Updates

Rob Lucas – Climbing K2Updates

Jon Gupta  – Guiding on K2 and Broad Peak – Updates

Becks Ferry – Fresh from Everest and Lhotse to K2Updates

Hugo Ayaviri and Anne Bialek Bolivians on K2

6x Ukranian Team (Alpomania) plus 6 Support – K2 – Updates

Hushe Pakistani Expedition – to K2 – Updates

Ukraine / Nepalese Expedition on K2 – Updates

Jenn Drummond – From Everest to K2 – Updates

Sandro Gromen-Hayes – From Everest to K2 – Updates

Kim Hong-bin Broad Peak, Sadly died after gaining14th 8,000er – Updates

Death Zone Freeride (Vitaly Lazo, Anton Pugovkin, Thomas Lone) – Filming ‘OXYGEN’ on Broad Peak – Updates

Don Bowie and Lotta HinstaGoing for Broad Peak then possibly Gasherbrum II (French Route) – Updates

Monika WitkowskaClimbing Broad Peak – Updates

Fahad BadarReached summit of Broad Peak. Tracker – Updates

Saulius DamuleviciusReached summit of Broad Peak – Updates

Saeed AlmemariUAE native and ‘Seven Summits’ achiever goes for Broad Peak – Updates

Asif BhattiNo O2, No Porters, First 8,000m Broad Peak expedition. – Updates

Selena Khawaja12 year old aims to climb Broad PeakUpdates

David ElviraClimbing Broad Peak – Updates

Steff Maginelle, Sofie Lenaerts, Wouter Noterman and Luc BeirinckxClimbing Broad Peak – Updates

Zoltan Lenkeiclimbing Broad Peak

Yulia ZiTerzyul14 project on Broad PeakUpdates

Israel AshurliGuiding and climbing on Broad PeakUpdates

Saad Mohamed – Climbing and filming on Broad Peak – Updates

Saeed Karim, Ahmed Baig, Waqar Ali, Ishaq Ali, Rizwan Dad – Rope Fixing on K2 for Karakorum Expeditions – Updates

Shah D Shimshale, Faryad Karim, Arshad Karim, Bulbul Karim, Jalal U Din, Afreen Shah, Eid Muhammad, Shah Doulat, Liaqat Karim – Working on K2 with Karakorum Expeditions. – Updates

Pioneer Expeditions have a team including 9 Nepali Sherpas on K2

Jan MatiasekChanged plans late from K2 to Gasherbrum I

Serge HardyTreble of Broad Peak plus Gasherbrum I and II? – Updates

Tiphaine Duperier, Boris Langenstein, Aurélia Lanoe and Guillaume PierrelWill attempt to ski down Gasherbrum I and II – Updates

Phillipe GeninThe pianist is heading to Gasherbrum II – Updates

Radoslaw Wozniak and Peter Krzyżowski – Polish Beskid Expedition TeamGoing for Gasherbrum II Updates

Sirbaz Khan and Pakistan Team – summitted Gasherbrum II – Updates

Mario VielmoGasherbrum I – Updates

Marco Confortolaclimbing Gasherbrum I with Hassan Jan, and Fida Ashoor – Updates

A 10 man Czech / Slovakian team are attempting Gasherbrum II with Blue Sky Treks and Tours Tracker – Updates

Laura Mares and Justin Ionescu are heading to Gasherbrum I & II – Updates

Arman Shahpari and Milad Keshavarzi summitted Gasherbrum II – Updates

Marek Disman, Roman Balada, Karolina Grohova – Blue Sky Treks and Tours – On Gasherbrum II

Paul Diac and Iulian Costan with Team will climb Gasherbrum IIUpdates

Albert Vilarroya, Ignasi Sala, Ferran Pérez, Gonzalo Fernández and Lluís Cortadellas Gasherbrum I and II with no support or oxygen – ‘The Altitude Team’Updates

Edu Marin and Team – Trango Towers – Updates

Manuel Gonzalez, Enrique Osiel, Sergio Carrascosa, Carlos Santofe – ‘‘Ama Dablam Club’ going for the Messner/ Revol route on Nanga Parbat – Tracker – Updates

A Swiss Team including Beni Buehler are attempting K7 / Saraksa Peak – with Blue Sky Treks and Tours

Ralf Dujmovits and Nancy HansenUnclimbed peak Biarchedi I – Updates

3 man Czech team return for the unclimbed Muchu Chhish – Updates

Jerome Sullivan, Victor Saucede, Elias Martin and Jeremy Stagnetto – Lesser known K13 / Dansam Peak, a remote 6,666m peak in the Kondus Valley – SUMMIT REACHED!

Helias Millerioux, Yannick Graziani and Patrick Wagnon have summitted Diran – 7,266m

Mathieu Maynadier and Tom LivingstoneClimbing southern face of Pumari Chhish, a 7,000er in Hispar Muztagh – Updates

Qudrat Ali, Hiroshi Kawasaki, Shaheen Baig and Akram Ali Shah – Unclimbed North Route of Lupghar Sar – Updates

Martin Sieberer and Simon Messner are up to bits in the Karakoram