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Everest Updates – 19th May 2023


Updates from 19th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 



Madison Mountaineering

Here. We. Go!!!

The summit push is on… Our teams left the comforts of Everest Base Camp this morning en route to Camp 2, having to navigate through the Khumbu Icefall and up the Western Cwm.

This is what our climbers have worked so hard for, acclimatizing and familiarizing themselves with the route over the last month, and what many have dreamed of for years!

Best of luck and safe climbing to all of those who are on the mountain. Stay tuned for updates while our teams ascend Everest and Lhotse in the coming days!



Dave Watson

We did it again. So humbled. So thankful. Immense gratitude for our Sherpa team and the Mother Goddess Chomolungma for allowing this incredible privilege.



Adventure Consultants

Everest Dispatch 19 May 2023

After a false start yesterday when the team went to leave Basecamp and encountered a break in the route which sent them back to Basecamp, this morning’s alpine start had no such impediments. A beautiful clear morning greeted the team for their departure before 1.00am, and they made good time climbing through the icefall reaching Camp 1 by 8.30am.

Meanwhile the AC Climbing Sherpas left just before 2.45am and reached Camp 1 around 5.45am.

All are heading for Camp 2 today and planning a rest day at C2 tomorrow before heading for Camp 3 on the 21st and Camp 4 on the 22nd. This may all change due to the weather forecast or team health, but we’ll keep you updated. Exciting! Go Team!

Updated from AC Everest Basecamp at 10.00am 19 May, 2023



Expedition Himalaya

Congratulations to Altitude Junkies – Mr. Philip James Crampton for their incredible achievement! With 10 Everest summits, along with 5 team members Mr.Perez Asher USA, Mr. Hayes Todd Hugh USA, MrRayburn Christopher Daniel USA, Mr Lemal Arian Lothire Paul France and 5 Climbing Sherpas, they’ve accomplished something truly remarkable. Special mention to Mr. Pasang Nuru Sherpa -General Manager of Expedition Himalaya for reaching the summit as well. Well done, team!


Furtenbach Adventures

22 days! Ok, that’s one day more than we promoted for our Everest Flash expedition but we had to wait in basecamp for a weather window for almost a week. 22 days is still a very fast Everest expedition. In fact, the fastest in history, after our 2022 expedition with 16 days and our 2018 expedition with 21 days. And all that with a consistent 100% success rate and zero accident record. Every year. Again. Often copied, never even nesrly reached. Welcome to our superior and industry leading Everest FLASH™ expedition. Changing the way of high altitude climbing.

Jayram Dahal

Remember me in your prayers

I have Frostbite, This happened during summit-push day at camp 4 , I’m hoping I don’t lose my finger. Now I’m undergoing frostbite treatment for fingers.



Stefi Troguet

Hello everyone! After 3 days in Kathmandu& visiting the hospital, I seem to be recovering.
The cough down here is almost gone, my lungs seem to be fine& a very intense pain under my chest (ribs) seems to be a huge muscle pain from coughing Tomorrow I will try to get back to Everest Base Camp. I know that when I get back to that altitude, the coughing will come back… But I must try to get to Camp 2 to pick up all my gear I have there.
So let’s see what happens… hopefully I’ll make it to 6450m



Lakpa Dendi Sherpa

“Thrilled and Grateful: Celebrating my 10th Successful Summit of Mt. Everest on May 17, 8:30 am 2023! Guiding this incredible journey to the top of the world alongside my esteemed partner, Dr. Jacob. We have safely returned to Camp 2, filled with joy and accomplishment.”



Bryan Tropeano

Everest Expedition, Day 44: SUMMIT! 29,032 feet..Top of the World

Truly humbling standing in the clouds, awestruck by the curvature of the earth, with one foot in Nepal and the other in Tibet, 8,000 foot dropoffs on each side, and nowhere further up to go.

As Sir Edmund Hillary, the first to stand atop Everest in 1953, said “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”



Climbing The Seven Summits

More Lhotse summits!! Huge congrats to Travis, Tendi, Ott and Dorjee for topping out on Lhotse, the world’s 4th tallest mountain, the day after summiting Everest. Combined with Kevin, Ashish, Pasang and Roberto that makes 8 successful Everest/Lhotse double climbs for CTSS’ers in the past 24hours. Well done!!!



Madison Mountaineering

Summit Push: Camp 2 Rest Day

The 2023 Madison Mountaineering team has all safely and successfully navigated their way through the icefall and into their tents at Camp 2! Tomorrow, the team will rest and recuperate in C2 on Mount Everest at 6,500 meters / 21,325 feet. With good weather, they’ll be able to get eyes on the route including the Lhotse Face which provides over 2,000 feet of vertical relief to where Camp 3 sits, and where we plan to sleep the following night!

Stay tuned for more while our team ascends the world’s first and fourth highest peaks: Everest and Lhotse!



Vivian Cai

I summit the Mount Everest 8848 on May-18, now safely back to the base camp.

It’s not easy… I witnessed the death, the dying and too much to digest… but I’m safe and intact. Let me share the photos (on top) and the stories later.



Kami Rita Sherpa

Grateful beyond words for the unwavering support and love from my incredible family, friends, and well-wishers on this historic journey to the pinnacle of achievement. 🏔️💙

With every step, I carried all of you guys belief in me, your encouragement, and your unwavering faith. You all were the wind beneath my wings, pushing me forward even in the most challenging moments. This ascent was not just mine; it was a collective triumph that we accomplished together.

Back at basecamp, I can’t help but overflow with joy and pride. This climb tested my limits, physically and mentally, but I persevered. I pushed through the discomfort, the doubt, and the fear because I knew I had an army of love and support behind me.

This journey taught me invaluable lessons about resilience, determination, and the power of human spirit. It reminded me that anything is possible when you surround yourself with the right people and believe in yourself wholeheartedly.

So, to my extraordinary family, thank you for always standing by my side, believing in my dreams, and providing a pillar of strength. You have been my rock throughout this adventure, and I am forever grateful for your unwavering love.
To my incredible friends, your unwavering belief in me uplifted my spirits and fueled my determination. Your constant words of encouragement and cheers from afar gave me the motivation to keep pushing forward, no matter the odds.

This climb was about more than summiting a mountain; it was about proving that dreams can become a reality with passion, perseverance, and the love and support of a strong community. Together, not only Me But We have achieved something truly remarkable.

I hope my story inspires others to pursue their own.

Remember, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning of endless possibilities. Believe in yourself. Together, we can make our dreams a reality.