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Everest Updates – 18th May 2023


Updates from 18th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 



Climbing The Seven Summits

This just in… the first summits from our second Everest team! Rajat, Pega, Sam, Thunang, Ott and Dorjee have all summited and are heading back to the South Col. Everest and Lhotse combo climbers, Kevin and Roberto, are making their way to the summit of Lhotse after topping out on Everest yesterday.



Johnny Ward

Mount Everest Summit, 8848m, May 17th, 2023.
Honestly it’s a lot to process amidst the effort, the tears, the pride and the gratitude.
Before to thank a few people, one thing I want to touch on briefly is the tough job single mothers have in our world. Kid growing up without fathers, mothers struggling day to day to keep the lights on.
Thank you for what you do. Don’t give up on the kid. Don’t let the kid use it as an excuse to limit themselves. Through love and emotional support, the sky is the limit. Maybe even 8848 metres of it



Andy Blatecky

Yesterday afternoon, the afternoon before the start of our summit push, we noticed a large avalanche at the top of the ice fall near the route.

This morning at 1am, as we were about to leave camp, we saw a number of large teams returning from the ice fall and at that point our concerns were confirmed. The route was impassable and a few ladder crossings were possibly destroyed.

The good news is noone was injured or worse. Now we wait for the ice fall doctors to make repairs and hopefully we can try again tonight. Looks like we’re now targeting the morning of May 24th for our summit.

In the meantime I’ve walked to gorak shep to blow off some anxious energy and pick up a coke for the Sherpa I’m climbing with and birthday beer for our climb leader. Hopefully the gifts help change our luck and bring myself a more positive mindset!



Tendi Sherpa

Another CTSS team summit Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse this morning, second day of summits in a row!
Huge congratulations to everyone!

List of CTSS Everest summiteer from this morning:
01. Ott Tinn- Estonia
02. Dorje Sherpa, IFMGA guide-Bhojpur
03. Namgyal Tamang, Pangboche
04. Dawa Sherpa- Sankhuwasabha
05. Sam Cairns-UK
06. Thunang Bhote, Sankhuwasabha,
07. Dawa Yolmo- Sindupalchok
08. Rajat Sharma, India
09. Pega Sherpa
10. Lhakpa Sherpa, Chatuk
11. Travis-USA
12. Tendi Sherpa, IFMGA Guide-Dolkha
13. Dawa Phinjo Bhote-Sankhuwasabha
14. Ludivine, France
15. Dawa Jangbu Sherpa, Sindupalchok
16. Lisa Barge, UK
17. Prakash Gurung, IFMGA Guide, Tanahun
18. Pasang Bhote, Sankhuwasabha.

List of CTSS Lhotse Summitteer this morning:
01. Damian Mannix-Australia
02. Mingma Dorje Sherpa- Phortse
03. Kevin Cagney, USA
04. Ashish Gurung IFMGA Guide, Sankhuwasabha
05. Roberto Terzini, Brazil
06. Pasang Tendi Sherpa IFMGA Guide, Juving.



Oxana Morneva

Dear friends, the latest news from Everest! Our team climbed to the Summit, at 6 am! Evgeny Krivoshapkin, accompanied by his guide Pasang Lama, went down in history as the first Yakut and Sakha on the Summit of Everest!



Mike King

Kirk Ludwig nd I pulled the plug yesterday after a near miss with an oxygen cylinder turned projectile on the slopes above C3. It’s a difficult decision but in the moment our risk management around crowds, foreign projectiles and weather didn’t line up. We are back in EBC, naturally disappointed but content and happy to have spent 40ish days in the Himalaya with a great Sherpa and Nepali team led by @lopsang_8848. Our friends @jess.wedel got her first summit and Grom tagged the top yesterday, happy for both of them. We’ll walk back to Lukla and see some sites we missed on the way in and toss back a few 🍻 at the Irish pub in Namache before flying home. To all the homies that gave me Everest/8000m advice over the years 🍻 on me, it paid off huge for my first trip here. Thanks for the support & encouragement.



Adventure Consultants

FALSE START – The weather has settled, C4 is in, all the O2 is in place, and we’re ready to go! We actually went. Unfortunately the route up the Ice Fall was blocked this morning so we came back. This was intensely disappointing but like all things in the mountains patience is a requirement. The Ice Fall Doctors have headed up to sort the problem so we should have access tomorrow. We were lucky in having only walked for half an hour before hearing the news. Some folks went significantly further. So for us it’s a rinse and repeat, up again at midnight to head up the Western Cwm. Dispatch posted by AC Guide Mark Austin.