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Everest Updates – 22nd May


Updates from 22nd May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 


Death Zone Freeride

The job is done! The team climbed to the top of Everest this morning!
Now the huys are descending to basecamp and we await of news.



Seven Summits Treks

Breaking Barriers on Mt. Everest!
• Scott and Shayna, the unstoppable duo, have conquered the mighty Mt. Everest today, May 22, 2023!
• Scott and Shayna, both (USA 🇺🇸) born profoundly deaf, have climbed some of the world’s highest mountains, like Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Denali, Mont Blanc and Matterhorn. Scott and Shayna picked up skills mostly by YouTube videos and asking others through paper and pen because of the lack of accessibility in outdoor education. They have made it their mission of bridging the gap between the outdoors and the deaf and hard of hearing community.



Adventure Consultants

The Adventure Consultants climbing and Sherpa teams have arrived at South Col early this afternoon and are now resting. The plan is to embark on the summit attempt tonight some time around 10pm Nepal time. The forecast is positive (hence why we chose this date to climb) and the winds are expected to be low. Reports of high humidity (cloud) have eased in the latest forecasts so we are hoping the climbers will have great views tomorrow. We will post regular dispatches as we hear from the climbers as they ascend through the night.



Vincere Zeng
May 18 3:40am – Everest 8848m
May 19 8:30am – Lhotse 8516m
My summit photos are still in other people’s phones…
Now safely back to Kathmandu
Will share more later~ gotta eat and sleep and eat first
Also, I feel like my summit happiness passed so quick since there are too many incidents in the mountain this year and many of them I know.. feeling deeply sad and still hope the missing ones can come back safe

Ravi Gecm

I will never forget all The effort And coordination By Tashi And all Sherpas (Gelje, Mingma Tendi And many more sherpas, including Heli in bringing me down safely. Today, I wont be alive if not for The brave Sherpas And 14th Peaks Expedition & The Seven Summit Expedition.
They are The best



Suhajda Szilárd

Szilárd successfully reached the third camp. So he will spend the night at 7200 meters and tomorrow he will go on to the four, which means the last camping site before the summit.



Madison Mountaineering

Summit Push: Camp 4
The team safely settled into their camp today after ascending the final section of the Lhotse Face, over the Yellow Band and past the Geneva Spur. This being their high camp on the mountain, the team will take tomorrow to rest and get ready for their summit push. All is well on Mount Everest!



Stefi Troguet

Thank you, thank you & always thank you @nimsdai!

We’ve been walking our paths together for a long time.
We’ve come from the bottom & we’ve come so far…
You are part of my family Nims. Few people would be willing to do what you’ve done & continue to do for me.
So although this time it’s not been possible, I can only thank you infinitely for the opportunity you have given me, and for having believed in me like no one else.
No doubt there will be more to come. More expeditions, more defeats, more victories.
And I hope that for many years to come we will continue to build our path together.
I love you Nims



Mountain Professionals

Latest Update: as of 6am this morning, the Sightless Summits and Mountain Professionals team has reached the summit of Mt. Everest! Continue to send positive vibes as they make their way back to Camp 4 and prepare for a summit attempt on Lhotse in the next few days.