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Shehroze Kashif – K2 Updates

Fresh from scaling Everest just 2 months ago, young Pakistani climber Shehroze Kashif made a late decision to climb K2 this summer.

We followed him with these updates:

4th August

“I thank Allah Almighty on the summit of K2 8611m, I felt I was actually in Heaven and the Creator was closest ever to me! Just He and I, His Magnificence and my sajda !!!

“Now it all feels like a dream, but of course a vivid dream.

“While I can share the outward experience of summiting the second tallest mountain in the world, it is not possible to express things I felt inside. Only Allah knows those subtle feelings, uncertainties, fears and overpowering joys.

“Facing the violent and mysterious nature, all that roughness, and being on the edge all throughout is something you cannot really define in words.

“Now that I am back, all I realize is that though it was me on the out front, it was Allah alone behind the curtain.

“On 27 July 2021 at 8:10 a.m., I made 2 unique World Records by becoming:

“1- Youngest Mountaineer in the world to summit K2
2- Youngest and only teenager Mountaineer in the world to summit world’s top two tallest mountains Everest 8849m and K2 8611m in same year within 3 months.”

28th July

“My Beloved Pakistan, Thank You for climbing and summiting King of the Mountains – K2 with me.”

“Here is a moment of pride for Us. All the records are for Our Green Flag. Its Pakistan that gets international recognition and thats the purpose of my life to bring more respect and honour to my beloved motherland.”

“Here is our Green Flag in my hands and it’s for you all!”

“Alhamdulillah! All praise is due to Allah Almighty.”

“This is for my family, specially my father. We both trusted Allah Almighty and He helped us to make it possible and today I realized my ultimate dream.”

“A special thanks to all sponsors and partners who supported in every way to make this expedition a reality. I will In Sha Allah tell the story of all collaborations separately.”

“This is for my friends, my people, my social media family. I cant thank you all enough for the love, prayers and support I received”.

“This is for all those who helped me, inspired me and guided me on my way from Makra to Broad Peak to Everest to K2.”

27th July


“Shehroze has safely descended from Bottleneck and has reached Camp 4 Alhamdulillah

“Earlier today, Shehroze Kashif made 2 unique World Records by becoming:

1- Youngest Mountaineer in the world to summit K2
2- Youngest and only teenager Mountaineer in the world to summit world’s top two tallest mountains Everest 8849m and K2 8611m in same year within 3 months.”

26th July

“Shehroze has reached Camp 4 at 7780m ASL Alhamdulillah !!!

“He is relaxing and taking rest at the moment. He is healthy, fit and feeling energetic Ma Sha Allah.

“Need all your prayers and wishes.”

25th July

“Shehroze started from Camp 2 at 8:30 a.m. and is already half way through Black Pyramid Alhamdulillah.

“This day of Camp 2 to Camp 3 is technically very difficult and most challenging. Black Pyramid is a very steep rocky and icy face below Camp 3 which tests the skills of any mountaineer to the maximum.

“Shehroze is Ma Sha Allah doing great. He is fit, energetic and keeping up the pace with fellow climbers.

“So far he is climbing without O2 and is carrying a massive load of 19kg.

“He is expected to arrive at Camp 3 in 2-3 hours In Sha Allah.”

24th July

“Shehroze left K2 basecamp at 3:45 a.m. and reached Camp 1 in the morning.

“He is carrying nearly 20kg of load and at the moment is on his way to Camp 2.”

19th July

“The weather has started to deteriorate. It will be few slow days at basecamp till skies open up and I get another window for next rotation.”

18th July

“Shehroze has safely reached back to K2 Basecamp after spending night at Camp 1 6036m ASL.

“Weather will be heavy from tomorrow so next rotation to be done once weather is favourable.”

16th July

Are You Ready ?????

Just few moments of relaxation before action starts on K2 In Sha Allah very soon !!!

Now is the time to unite and bring back all that energy and companionship which we experienced together during Everest Expedition !!

Lets summit K2 Together Pakistan !!!!”

14th July

“Summit Karakoram Broad Peak staff welcomed Shehroze and he had a lunch. Now he is heading to K2 base camp where he will join in our K2 expedition.”

13th July

“Shehroze Kashif has reached Goro 2. Tomorrow he will head to K2 base camp.”

12th July

“Shehroze Kashif has reached the Urdukus campsite from where he will head to Goro 2. He is all charged up and cannot wait to raise the green flag on the second-highest mountain in the world.”

11th July

“Shehroze has reached Payu campsite today, and tomorrow he will be at Urdukus.”

10th July

“Shehroze has left Skardu, and now he is heading to Jhola Campsite.”

“He schedule to arrive K2 base camp on 15 July where he will join the Pioneer K2 expedition and then he will attempt to climb the mighty K2.”

9th July

“Shehroze Kashif, the youngest Pakistani who recently made a new record by summiting the Mount Everest, is now all geared up to summit K2, the second tallest mountain in the world!

“The gallant boy was warmly welcomed by Summit Karokoram today in Skardu and presented with a number of gifts.

“At present, Shehroze is in Skardu, the famous city in Gilgit−Baltistan and mountaineering headquarter of the world.

“Shehroze will In Sha Allah start his journey to Ashkole tomorrow.”

7th July

“All Geared up to Raise the Green Flag in the Heart of Karakorum
My dream to scale a challenging mountain is now just a few steps away…
I will be leaving in few days to make my country proud by raising the green flag on K2, the 2nd highest mountain in the world Inshallah!
Though it’s a sudden plan but yes once you start living your life at the mountains you can’t enjoy or live the city life anymore.
I’m bursting with excitement, energy and above all impatience…
Mountaineering is something I have been doing for years now but this expedition is one of its kind. All mountaineers know it’s not a piece of cake to summit the 2nd highest mountain in the world no matter how experienced you are.
It has been around 2 years of hard work that I have put before setting my foot on Mount Everest and just after a month and half I will be challenging my limits once again on K2
Every time the alarming wind touches my face it reminds me of all the dangers that await ahead.
But as soon as I imagine Pakistan’s flag in my hand which I plan to hold on the highest point in Pakistan, all my fears disappear.
All for the Green Flag/Pakistan Be Ready
As the distance between me and the highest mountain in the Pakistan will start decreasing in coming days, I would like to tell all back in Pakistan to be prepared to feel proud soon inshallah.
I can imagine when I would place the green flag on the mountain, how me and all Pakistanis would get adrenaline rushes.
Can hardly wait for that moment…
Tears of joy and excitement continue to fill my eyes as I visualize it all…”

We will enjoy watching the journey…


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