Monday, May 27, 2024
Broad Peak

Kim Hong-bin – Broad Peak

Kim Hong-bin, aimed to be the first person with a disability to complete the 14 8000’ers, by reaching the summit of Broad Peak this summer.

Kim lost his fingers to frostbit on Denali in 1991 but since dreamed of climbing all 14 peaks over 8000m – a mission that he started in 2006 when climbing Gasherbrum II.

With just Broad Peak to go Kim had was ready to create history.

Little did we now what was about to unfold as we followed events with this diary…

July 23rd

Helicopter searches have not been able to find Kim Hong-bin.

July 19th

We have the sad news to bring that following a fall today, Kim Hong-bin has passed away.

He fell into a 15m crevasse while descending between Camps 4 and 3 today.

Rescue attempts were carried out but were unsuccessful.

July 18th

Summit! – 14 x 8,000ers reached!

July 12th

“Broad Peak ascent plan 14th – Camp2, 15th – Camp3, 16th – Camp4, 17th – SUMMIT”

July 11th

“I went to K2 base camp.
Broad Peak climbing route is the best observation point.”

July 4th

“The weather is still cloudy, snowy and windy, breakfast is Gulbi set meal, lunch is Sujebi, and briefly we have sunlight for the first time in 10 days.”

July 1st

“The Base Camp is perfectly built but then we partly ran out of power.”

June 29th 

“Good morning. We are organising our Base Camp buildings.”

June 28th

“Arrived at broad Peak base camp.
“I’m making a camp site.”
kim hong bin broad peak

June 27th

“We arrived at Concordia, the crossroads of the Baltor Glacier.

“The condition of the crew is not very bad.

“Tomorrow we make base camp.”

June 23rd

“On the first day of the trek going up the slow flowing Inder River to the Broad Peak Base Camp along the Baltor Glacier, the conditions in Skardu greet you with a very refreshing morning with the chirping of birds in the distance. “

June 18th

“Today, I went to Sapara Lake Deosai National Park (4,000m) for altitude acclimatization.

“Food, equipment, and administrative processing are almost finished.

“Tomorrow, we will send our luggage to the base camp first, and join the team on the 22nd and plan a trek from the 23rd.”

June 15th

“Our expedition arrives at Islamabad Airport at 00:25 AM on June 16th and will undergo a Corona PCR test again. There is no self-quarantine for 10 days.

“Thank you for your support and concern. Thank you.”


Kim Hong-bin