Thursday, June 13, 2024
Broad Peak

Paragliding World Record Broken over Broad Peak

A French Paraglider has broken a World Altitude Record when flying over Broad Peak this week.

Antoine Girard explained his flight, which we believe took place on 18th July;

“It’s been a while since I disappeared from the social networks, but it wasn’t for nothing! The preparation of our expedition occupied all my time in addition to the 2 months spent in Pakistan.

“The highlight of the expedition is certainly my passage at 8407m in paragliding flight over Broad Peak(8051m)! The highest voluntary flight of ascent.
But the expedition is not only this flight of the last day for the last chance of the expedition. We have achieved some new things and not only in paragliding!

“I say “we” because this expedition was a group of friends looking for adventure and emotion. It’s thanks to this group emulation and with some of the best pilots in the world that we have been able to achieve a lot of extraordinary things. We will present some of them to you in the coming weeks.”

“The team consisted of François Ragolski, Julien Dusserre, Sébastien Brugalla, Alexandre Jofresa, Fabian Buhl and Guillaume Omont

“To begin, the trace of the flight at 8407m and the icing on the cake, exclusive images on this flight will be broadcast this evening on July 23 at 8pm. on France TV tf1.

“For English speakers there will be some news tonight on the BBC with some pictures.

“For the rest, we have to wait a bit, I have not yet returned to France!

“On the pic we can see K2(8611m) and Broad Peak(8051m) from 8400m!”