Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Broad Peak

Mobile Printer to be tested on Broad Peak Summit

Electrical company ‘Brother’ are aiming to test one of their mobile printers capabilities whilst it is at the top of Broad Peak.

Traveler, journalist and writer Monika Witkowska will be working with the brand to confirm the durability and reliability of one of it’s popular products.

Mobile printer number PJ-722 will be taken to the summit at 8,051 meters to prove that the device allows printing via a USB 2.0 interface and can be connected to smartphones, tablets, mobile computers and laptops, making document printing possible anytime, anywhere. The test will also show that the Brother printer has an extremely compact format and works in direct thermal printing mode, which does not require the use of ink or toner.

Interestingly, the capabilities of this printer are to be tested by a person from the world of the written word – it will be a traveler, journalist and writer Monika Witkowska, who takes part in the expedition to Broad Peak from June 15 to August 15, 2021.

Senior marketing coordinator at Brother Poland, Katarzyna Idzkiewicz commented – “Our mission is to help enterprises and consumers in implementing their individual visions and ideas. We are especially proud that we can support brave women in developing their passions and achieving such unique goals as reaching the eight-thousanders. The possibility of working with Monika Witkowska and supporting her in this trip is a great honor for Brother. We are convinced that our device will prove itself when reaching the top of Broad Peak.”

The Brother company is guided by the motto “At your side”, prioritizing meeting the changing needs of customers and supporting them in the implementation of their business and private goals.

It certainly sounds an interesting expedition to keep an eye on, and that is exactly what we will do over the next few months.