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Broad Peak

Fahad Badar – Broad Peak Updates

Fahad Badar is Banker and Mountaineer that has reached the summit of Everest and Lhotse.

This summer he went for the top of Broad Peak and we kept a Diary of his journey…

July 26th

“I had the honor to raise the Qatar flag over the summit of Mount Broad Peak, the 12th highest summit in the world with a height of 8,047 meters; and the third 8000m peak that I have reached. This summit is one of the most challenging peaks because of its remote location, the nature of its snow-rich climate, and the huge size of its summit, which requires extra effort to reach the real summit. During the descent there were several events, which led to the death of one climber and the rescue of others, which prevented me from going down the mountain.

“As a result, I ran out of extra oxygen, and I had to spend a night at the summit under the snow and extreme cold, and I suffered injury in my fingers.

“Thanks all for asking, praise be to God for health and wellness.”

July 23rd

“Hi all, so I am at K2 Base Camp waiting for a Helicopter evacuation.

“We had a successful summit of Broad Peak on Sunday.

“We faced logistical issues during the climb and on the way down there was a major delay near the summit due to a rescue of a climber.

“Due to that I ran out of Oxygen near the summit and stayed an overnight there with no shelter or oxygen which resulted in me getting frostbite on 7 of my fingers.”

July 19th

“Back safely to camp 3 now, ran out of oxygen after summit on Saturday night so acted on auto pilot for few days Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat climbing and surviving.”

July 18th


July 17th 

“On the way to Camp 3 we are at 6,800m now.”

July 16th 

“Sleeping in Broad Peak Camp 2, tomorrow we will move to camp 3, deep snow so rope fixing to summit is not yet done, tomorrow they will make another attempt.”

July 9th

“Going from camp 2 to base camp, 2nd rotation done.”

July 7th

“Arrived to Broad Peak Camp 2 (6,160M) will spend 2 nights here to acclimatise, heavy snow on our way up slowed our progress.”

July 6th

“Rotation plan, we moved up to camp 1 Broad Peak and we will spend the night here (Stephan, Mike, Said, Naila).

“Jordi, Raymond and Paula moved to K2 Camp 1.”

July 4th

“Rest day at base camp today, the plan for tomorrow is to go to camp 1 Broad Peak and sleep, then Camp 2 on the next day and sleep, then come back to base camp.”

July 3rd

“Everyone is back safely to base camp, ropes to Camp 2 Broad Peak are done. A small avalanche was encountered by climbers to K2 camp 1.”

July 2nd

“Resting today at K2 base camp, the weather is still unstable with snow showers, Jordi, Stephan, Mirza and the rest of the team arrived to base camp.”

July 1st

“Heavy snow showers at K2 base camp today. Broad Peak rotation to camp 1 postponed until the weather stabilises.”

“On June 28, a delightful & beautiful sunny day, we arrived at the K2 base camp after a tedious, tough, & lengthy trek from Jholo. This trek has zero comparisons to the Everest base camp trek. It is not only completely different but also a much more difficult divine experience.

“We had a much-needed day to rest, relax & recharge, then commenced on our acclimatization plan. This will involve multiple rotations on Broad Peak before the summit attempt in late July.”

“I still feel quite exhilarated, boldly trekking into the unknown, but I will never shy away from following a dream that is close to my heart.”

June 30th

“We will have an acclimatisation walk today to K2 Advance Base camp, then I will prepare for my first rotation tomorrow to Broad Peak Camp 1.”

June 29th

“Resting today at K2 base camp, fixed lines already done to K2 camp 1, today they left to fix the lines to Broad Peak camp 1.”

June 28th

“Arrived at K2 base camp, all of us are in good health, we have 4G signal!”

June 27th
“Moving today toward GORO2 camp, we will camp closer to Concordia, as we want to leave for base camp tomorrow to make up for lost days.”

June 26th
“Due to bad weather, the porters refused to move as they did not bring enough winter clothing, we will stay for another day in Urdukas until weather improves.”

June 25th 
“Resting today at Urdukas camp (4,130M), we will go for an acclimatisation hike later, and will move tomorrow to GORO2 camp.”

June 24th
“Arrived to Urdukas Camp at 4,130M, it was a long walk for more than 10 hours, over glacier, feeling good and strong.”

June 23rd
“We are resting today in Paiju, we went for acclimatisation hike for 3 hours.”

June 22nd
“We are moving now to Paiju camp, the weather is good.”

June 21st
“Arrived to Jholo camp.”

June 18th
“I am extremely excited to climb another 8000m mountain! Mountains are now synonymous to home for me & as I embark on Mt Broadpeak, Concordia in the heart of the Karakoram I know I’ll find another home & leave a stamp on it. I feel exhilarated, torn between excitement & fear of what lies ahead in the next one and a half months.

“I will have a limited connection & will try to update my social media when possible.”


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