Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest History for Aretha Duarte

Brazilian Aretha Duarte has created history for her homeland by becoming the first black Latin American woman to step on the top of Everest.

She reached the summit on May 23rd and has claimed the plaudits from back home ever since.

Brazil’s ‘Go Outside’ website wrote;

“Aretha fought hard for this achievement, making a kitty to raise funds for the expedition, and working with garbage recycling. Her victory is huge. May she be the first of many women and many black people to launch themselves into a mythical outdoor challenge like this. Aretha, you inspire us immensely. And it shows that outdoor life is for everyone. We follow your trajectory and twist each moment. Congratulations you deserve it!”

Journalist Maria Vergueiro added;

“At 1:39am on May 23rd a São Paulo girl who fell in love with climbing at the college of physical education and even adult life had never known the mountains, arrived at the top of the world. I had the opportunity to interview her last year, when she tried to raise funds to fulfill her dream and be the first black Brazilian woman to get there. Aretha’s dream, now realized, has a reach that goes far beyond the more than 8.8 million meters of the highest mountain in the world. It brings inspiration, representation and pride to millions of other black people. And who knows, maybe it also reinforces the awareness that all steps up to equal rights and opportunities have to be taken by us too, so that one day the top will not be exclusive to just a few. Congratulations, Aretha !!!! Your walk was incredible and it fills me with joy to do this post today.”