Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Everest Quadruple eludes Tim Mosedale

So Close to the ‘Everest Quadruple Crown’ for Tim Mosedale…

Here he explains:

“I made it to within 100m vertical of the summit but it had taken 19hrs and I probably had another 2 or 3 to go (and still had to get back down).

“I was on my own in a trench of chest deep snow digging out ropes and had been breaking trail the entire way in ankle to thigh deep snow.

“The aim was to summit and get some panorama photos. The mission, however, was to come back down safely from wherever I got to.

“The aim was beginning to drive the mission (and indeed that had probably been the case for around 10 or so hours by now).

“Out of water, low on energy, only a couple of days after summiting Everest and Lhotse I was in danger of compromising myself.

“I sooooo wanted to get the summit pano footage. And I sooooo wanted to have a crack at Pumori to create the Everest Quadruple Crown but enough was enough and it was time to call it.

“Hey ho I tried my best but the conditions weren’t right and unfortunately they won’t be right again this season. It’s nice to dream!

“So close. So close.”



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