Saturday, April 20, 2024
Everest 2021

Daily Everest Updates – 16th May

Daily Updates from Individuals and Teams on Everest – 16th May

Alaa Aljuneidi

“We as Palestinian were raised on the concept that we have to struggle to have any single right and we have to fight to live like any others.

“So today I will start my ascending to reach the summit of Mount Everest, to reach the top of the world, to tell the whole world what we can do, we can dream and we can live and achieve, and we will deliver our voice.

“In a few days I will be on top of the world and raise the Palestinian flag and all Palestinian hopes and say free Palestine!”

Carlos Santalena

“A few days at Base Camp, analyzing daily weather forecasts and looking forward to a definitive climb in the next few days.

When we managed to find a small pattern that indicated a window of good weather on the 20th and 21st, we were planning for this exit, when today the updated forecast showed an increase in winds above 8500m for this date, winds of approx 40km / h that altitude can jeopardize the success of the attempt and the physical integrity of the participants, the window appears after 5/25, with winds ranging from 10 to 15km per hour.

“The mountain is the one who gives the last word, and in the case of Everest, patience and resilience are always the virtues to be practiced intensely.

“While we wait we will do training to keep the body and mind active, positive and optimistic for when the mountain is ready to receive us!

“Without losing focus, we will soon be at the top !!!”

Clayton Wolfe

“We’ve just been alerted that the jet stream is moving and a 24hr summit window has opened in about 5 days from now! 

“Even though 24hrs is not a large window, my guide and I have decided to go for it as we have been climbing strong and fast during this entire expedition and are confident we can take advantage of this summit window.

“We are packing for an immediate departure into the Khumbu Icefall tonight at 1:30am. It will take us about 4 days of climbing to move from Everest Base Camp and into position at Camp 4 at 26,000ft to wait for our final push to the summit at 29,035ft.

“If everything goes to plan, we should be back at EBC in about 8-10 days weather depending. However, considering the size of this summit window, there is always possibility we will have to bail on our summit attempt and hold at C2 or return to EBC to wait for another window if the jet stream/ winds change again.

“I’ve been working hard for years for this moment, this is what dreams are made of!

“To the top of the world we go!

Climbing the Seven Summits

“Over the last few days, we’ve been keeping an eye on the weather forecast, it’s looking good!

“Our second round of summit climbers, all remaining teams except our Western Guided team and one other climber, are heading out from basecamp in a few hours (early morning, Nepal time) to start their summit rotation. Their plan is to head to C1 today and spend the night there.

“Our Western Guided team hiked to the flanks of Pumori yesterday to shake out a bit after a stint at basecamp relaxing and recovering. They’ll continue to prepare and be underway for their summit rotation soon.

“We’re looking forward to good weather and great climbing.”

Colin O’Brady

“For anyone attempting to climb Everest, reaching the summit of course is the main objective. But after many expeditions in various disciplines it’s become very clear that what they say is true, “it’s the journey not the destination.”

“Climbing through the Khumbu Icefall with my wife @jennabesaw has been one of the top highlights of my journey so far.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m still laser focused on the summit. But I’m equally stoked about collecting these other memories along this journey.

“No matter what goals you are currently working toward. Embrace the highs and lows of the journey and collect meaningful memories along the way…who knows, they may be just as amazing, if not better moments in the long run than the actual finish line.”

International Mountain Guides

“Expedition Leader Jonathan Schrock checked in from Everest Base Camp to let us know the second group of IMG climbers are ready to move up.

The team filled up on pizza and chicken before heading to bed early, with their plan to be walking out of EBC at 1am to begin the climb of the Khumbu Icefall.

“Meanwhile our first team of climbers are moving up to Camp 2 tomorrow. Both teams will be reevaluating the weather at Camp 2, before moving up to Camp 3.

Jon Kedrowski

“The winds have returned to Everest.

“Above 8000m/26000’ the jet stream is influencing the summit and the upper mountain.

“Here in Basecamp it’s calm and sunny and very warm, and you would never know that it’s blowing up to 80-100mph up high.

“This forecast also being complicated with a tropical cyclone in the Indian Ocean is going to make the winds on the mountain tricky for at least the next week.

“We will also be getting some snow on the 18-19 May to complicate things. Best to just stay put.

“In past years I have been on the Summit as late as May 26, so this isn’t unusual at all. It just takes patience.

“Get ready we’ll be firing up the Jenga again very soon!”

Jonathan Lamy

“Everything is going well at Camp 2.

“Lots of wind planned on the 18th so we’re offsetting the full program by a day.

“Book your Thursday 20th between 3 am and 5 am.”

Josh Gates

“Living in Basecamp waiting on the weather window…

“Hopeful to embark on summit bid in the next 3-4 days”

Leonardo Avezzano

“Tonight we go for an adventure, looking at the stars, guided by our heart as gps, we can’t be lost.

“Alaa Aljuneidi will be climbing Everest for Palestine, as for his promise to his father, and I’ll do my best to document this story.

“See you in in a week. Wish us luck.”

Lillya Lanovskaia

“A lot of uncertainty at EBC: teams wait for a weather window while the number of Covid cases continues to grow.”

Madison Mountaineering

“Today was our rest day at Camp II after coming up here yesterday through the Khumbu Icefall, past Camp I, and through the Western Cwm to Camp II. We had a wonderful day coming up here – didn’t see many people at all actually on the route. It was a bit windy which kept it cool in the Western Cwm where it usually gets too hot. After we pulled in here yesterday we had a nice lunch, a restful afternoon, and dinner.

“Today we’ve just been resting all day and watching the weather. It looks like we might have a weather window around the 21st of May but too be sure, we’ll check the weather forecast tomorrow to confirm and probably head up the following day or perhaps delay another day or two before heading up from Camp II.

“It’s great up here, everyone’s well – we’re healthy, happy, in good spirits, and eating well. We were out taking photos and videos today and just admiring the views – it’s been clear and sunny and warm. So, life is good here at Camp II.

“We’re fortunate to be here and feel very lucky to be on Everest. We are setting our sights on a summit attempt here, hopefully, sometime in the next few days – weather pending.

“All’s well here at Camp II and we’ll check in soon. Thanks!”

Mountain Professionals

“The team is heading up the hill tomorrow to begin a summit push of Everest.

“All the best and follow the updates to come!”

Heimer Hallgrimsson and Siggi Bjarni

“Then it is time. Siggi and I will start our summit push on Everest tonight at 01:00 Nepalese time. We have been waiting for the weather window and hope that the weather gods will be on our side all the way to the top.

“We are very grateful and humbled to have come this far in our journey. We are also very grateful for the support we have received from people back home in Iceland.

“Our climb to Everest is a support expedition for chronically ill children in Iceland and we encourage everyone to check out the Instagram page Umhyggju – the association of chronically ill children.

“We aim to to stand on top of the world 21-23. May with the flag of Umhyggja – an association of chronically ill children.

Summit Climb

“At 2:30am we all set off to ascend the Khumbu Icefall.

“The night sky is very black, except for the vast shimmering silver Milky Way backlighting the silhouettes of the black and white Himalayan peaks all around us. We saw the flickering headtorches of a few other groups around us as we skirted crevasses and traversed serac bands on our way to camp 1.

“A still night, we heard only the jingling of carabiners on harnesses and light murmuring of Sherpa conversation. The wind picked up in the morning over camp 1. We stopped for soup. Camp 2 is beckoning and we are already acclimated to this altitude, so lets carry on through the flat plains of the Western Cwm.

“We have made it to C2 in time for afternoon snacks and dinner. The wind has mellowed. Its good 2 be back!”

Tim Mosedale

“The aim yesterday was to summit Pumori and get some panorama photos. The mission, however, was to come back down safely from wherever I got to.

“The aim was beginning to drive the mission (and indeed that had probably been the case for around 10 or so hours by now).

“Out of water, low on energy, only a couple of days after summiting Everest and Lhotse I was in danger of compromising myself.

“I sooooo wanted to get the summit pano footage. And I sooooo wanted to have a crack at Pumori to create the Everest Quadruple Crown but enough was enough and it was time to call it.

“Hey ho, I tried my best but the conditions weren’t right and unfortunately they won’t be right again this season. It’s nice to dream!”

Vanessa Estol

“Tomorrow morning we go to our summit attack.

“The idea is to reach the summit on the 21st, but if the weather changes we can wait a few days in field 2 and delay the plan.

“We will be without internet for a few days but I will take the ‘inreach’ and I will be posting location on my facebook page.

“I am very excited and nervous! See you in a few days.”