Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest Summit Reaction – Daniel Wolfson

Daniel Wolfson has reacted to her 23rd May summit of Everest;

“I am happy and proud to be the first Israeli woman to reach the summit of Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

“My journey to the summit began in the “lowest” condition possible, when I was suffering from a painful ski injury, with severe doctors’ predictions about my ability to walk as before. But I’m not a woman who breaks down easily.

“Back in the hospital I said to myself, they are not right, I will prove to them that even to the roof of the world I will reach. And since that day my goal has been sharp and clear – I will step on the summit of Everest.

“Over the next few years I continued to practice running, swimming and cycling, and a few years ago I also started going on climbing trips around the world and fell in love.

“I want to say a big thank you to all the partners and partners who took part in this journey with me: to my dear son who always believed in me and gave me the strength to move on and reach miraculous achievements. To the wonderful MAGNUS company that believed in me all the way that equipped me with an emergency satellite device and also on a regular basis I was able to keep in touch with the world in areas without cellular reception and keep up to date on my progress. Thanks also to the Altman company who supported me and sent me with special equipment that helped me on the journey. .

“Many thanks to Passport Card who gave me full insurance for any trouble that may come. I would also like to thank Samsung Israel for providing me with a telephone with which I documented my journey. And to Gopro Israel for photographic equipment to document the ascent to the summit and to Alpine Style for the equipment without which I could not have succeeded in this journey.

“To you my followers and followers, who wrote and asked questions, who encouraged with warm words and showered with love, and gave me many strengths to continue up. The journey back home to Israel will begin soon. It is especially important to me during this period to give all the people of Israel a message of hope and faith.

“As the familiar cliché says – there is nothing that stands in the way of desire, and this is true for every woman or man and also for our beloved country. If we just learn to accept the different and love the other we can together reach miraculous achievements, almost like climbing the summit of Everest 🙂

“Another last message that is very important for me to convey to all the women who read it and hear about my story; The sky is really the limit, do not let fear prevent you from flying the farthest with your dreams, do not let anyone stop you. We have incredible powers within us to fulfill anything we aspire to.

“Waiting to meet everyone in Israel and thank you again for all the support and love along the way. “