Saturday, April 20, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest Summit Reaction – Sirbaz Khan

Sirbaz Khan reached the summit of Everest on May 12th. Today he gave his reaction to his outstanding feat.

“I am back at the basecamp after raising Pakistan’s flag on top of the world. My dear Pakistanis.. this is the best gift I could give you for this Eid. Please accept it as “Eidi” from my side.

“These last 30 days have been crazy. Very rewarding of course, but crazy. Back to back 8000m summits. First Mt Annapurna on 26th April and now Mt Everest on 12th May. I thank ALLAH SWT for these great successes. This is not the success of one individual. I share this success with all of you, especially, with the High Altitude Porters, Low porters, Cooks, Helpers and everyone from the Unsung and Underprivileged Mountaineering community of Pakistan.

“I worked 11 years in the kitchen before becoming a professional climber. It has been a great journey and it is far from over yet, there are still 7 more peaks to summit before I complete my mission of summiting all 14×8000m peaks in the world.
Once again, I dedicate this summit to our elder brother and hero of the Pakistani Mountain
eering family – Muhammad Ali Sadpara.
Ali bhai, you are going to complete your dream – the 14 summits, very soon. InshaALLAH!

“Huge shoutout to the little champ – Shehroze Kashif (@thebroadboy). Shehroze has made us all proud by summiting Mt Everest at such a young age. We all hope and pray that he’ll keep making the whole country proud. InshaALLAH!

“I thank you all for your support and prayers. Your prayers are my strength. They keep me safe. It means a lot.”