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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 – Climber Updates – 14th May

Daily Updates from a selection of Everest Climbers and Individuals around the Mountain – 14th May

Andrew Hughes

“Tonight I begin to take those first steps within this final chapter of the expedition to reach the summit of Everest and Lhotse back to back in 24 hours. Our weather window we believe awaits us. Bags are packed. Oxygen is cached above Camp 2 to aid us.

“The time has come to reinvest into these steps and the experience ahead all that has been banked away from years of preparing through climbing other mountains, the knowledge gained through falling just short in 2019 of the summit, and from all the love and support that has held me in both the highs and lows of this journey.

“There are no guarantees as we go forth once more through the Khumbu Icefalls and push higher than I have ever pushed before. But in my heart I have packed away a combination of hope and humility and wrapped it up tightly in patience and positivity. What adversity I may face, I will combat it with my dedication to these personal principles.

“When climbing on long expeditions, this is another form of self care. Maintaining a peaceful and positive mind is a means to empower one to a desired dream…for us here reaching the top of the world and standing on the summit of Everest.”

Art Muir

“Not too much happening here at EBC. We took a hike up to Pumori base camp yesterday to keep our acclimatization on track.

Now we are learning about oxygen systems as we wait for a favorable weather window to start our summit rotation.

“We are still early so we can afford to wait if necessary.”

Dan Dowding


“After an extended stay in Namche Bazaar (due to bad weather), we made it back home to basecamp today.

“Good to be back. Now we great ready for “game-time””

Javier Remon Safaris

“I am Happy I made it.

“It was a great sacrifice achieved with perseverance, constancy and passion. And a part of it was also thanks to the support, affection and strength that many of you gave me from the distance.


Jonathan Lamy

“We leave in the night for Camp 2 directly. 

“I will write you as soon as possible with my GPS and for the summit final assault I will be in tracker mode.

“We’re going to try and shoot for the summit on 19 / 05… 

We have room if the weather doesn’t allow us a summit that day.

“Whatever happens, I’ve already made my dream come true and whatever the outcome I can be proud of myself.

“I’ll tell you soon and if possible on the roof of the world.

“Thanks again everyone.”

Kami Rita Sherpa

“Waiting for the next weather window at Base Camp”.

Khrysty Mokhnatska

“Hello everyone👋! Let the day be clear☀️☀️☀️!

“Everything is great! Good Friday”

Kristin Harila

“2 am, and we are ready for our last turn up.

“Back in 8 days, hopefully after summit Everest/Lhotse.”

Mark Pattison

“Final gear check before kickoff. Oxygen mask fitted, tanks filled and mindset ready to take this on.

“I will be offline for the next week going high while waiting for our weather window to clear.

“I feel as strong and ready as I’ll ever be but please send all your positive vibes and prayers towards my teammates and myself for a safe journey.

“Thank you all and look forward to my next post once we are down the mountain.”


Marlette De Jager

“There is no Elation on top because as you know, it’s halfway and usually on the descent that people die.

“Unfortunately that was true in our case, and two people from our camp, one who was with us since Kathmandu and had become a friend died.

“Others sustained severe frostbite and snow blindness.”

Rick Irvine

“Receiving instruction on our oxygen systems we will use above camp 3.

“Heading out tonight on summit rotation.

“For the most part feeling strong.”

Seva Gorlach

“We made it to South Col but unfortunately the wind didn’t co-operate and made the summit impossible.

“Back at base camp to recover and wait for the next weather window for another push.”

Sirbaz Khan

“These last 30 days have been crazy. Very rewarding of course, but crazy.

“Back to back 8000m summits. First Mt Annapurna on 26th April and now Mt Everest on 12th May.

“This is not the success of one individual. I share this success with all of you, especially, with the High Altitude Porters, Low porters, Cooks, Helpers and everyone from the Unsung and Underprivileged Mountaineering community of Pakistan.”

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