Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 14th May


Updates on 14th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



No reported summits today due to strong winds high on the hill.


Kenton Cool

“EVEREST SUMMIT MAY 12th 08.30am
It may not have been the weather we wanted (thick cloud and no views) but Dorjee Gyelzen, Pasang, the Twins and I stood on the top world on Sunday morning.
This fulfilled an ambition of Chris and Graham aka ‘The Twins’ who performed like legends on the day!!
All are safe and Basecamp now and I’ll update more from our amazing journey soon.”

Jigme Pelden Dorji

“Just having a good physical and mental strength isn’t enough to climb the Everest. Learning how to use your supplementary oxygen and applying it on the right pressure is also crucial for this expedition.
So, here I’m learning each and everything before my final summit push that’s days after tomorrow morning at 1-2am.”

Rhett Evans

“We are getting ready to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla this morning and then taking a heli from Lukla to EBC. We’ll quickly reacclimatized, analyze the weather, find a suitable summit window and finalize our preparations for our summit bid in the coming week. I still have a slight cough and some inflammation in my left leg and hands but all-in-all I feel good and I’m ready to get back on the mountain to prepare myself mentally, emotionally and physically for the grueling days ahead. “

Valeriy Babanov

“In two days, I and my partner Ming Tema Sherpa set out to climb Everest.
Ming Temba Sherpa is a very experienced, strong climber, who has the last peak of Shishapangma left before the Himalayan Crown of 14 eight-thousanders.
He was by Christina Harila’s side during her most recent record-breaking ascents.”

Madison Mountaineering

“Our Everest team has been enjoying some time (and more oxygen) at lower altitudes in Namche Bazaar. They’ll return to Everest Base Camp soon, primed and ready to begin their summit rotation!
Meanwhile, we’ve received word that Lhotse climber, Krisli along with Tshering Sherpa have successfully reached the summit of the world’s fourth-highest peak!
The Mountain Cleanup Project expedition team successfully removed more than 100kg of waste from Camp 2 over the weekend. The team will keep collecting trash as they climb to higher camps before making a summit attempt on Lhotse soon!
Our Nuptse team has returned to base camp safe and sound. Congratulations again to the team on this huge accomplishment!”

Kami Rita Sherpa

“Embarking on yet another historic summit journey to conquer the world’s highest peak, I found myself faced with the unpredictable challenges of Mother Nature. Despite harsh weather conditions, our team pressed on with unwavering courage and determination. Gratitude abounds for our resilient Sherpa fixing team and dedicated icefall doctors whose expertise paved the way for every dreamer to reach the summit.

“A heartfelt thank you to our guiding light, @tashi8848.86 @14mingma @14dawa @pp_sherpa , for this incredible opportunity. To my cherished well-wishers, supportive family, and loyal friends, your unwavering belief in me fuels my ascent. Together, we defy limits and inspire others to reach for their own peaks of greatness. This summit isn’t just a personal triumph; it’s a testament to the power of resilience, teamwork, and the human spirit. Here’s to embracing challenges, chasing dreams, and scaling new heights.”

Everest Chronicle

“Two Mongolian climbers have been reported missing near the summit of Mount Everest, officials confirmed. Usukhjargal Tsedendamba and Prevsuren Lkhagvajav, members of nine member Magolian expedition team, were last in contact via radio with their agency, 8K Expedition, around 7:30 pm as they were heading toward the top for their summit push. 

“It’s been nearly two days since they went missing. We have been talking with various expedition groups currently above the south col to locate them,” said Khimlal Gautam, Chief of the Expedition Monitoring and Facilitation Field Office at the base camp. 

“Two Sherpas from the 8K Expedition have been deployed to search for the missing climbers and are currently at the South Col coordinating rescue efforts. “

Garth Miller

“With Camp 3 ‘tagged’ it’s time to rest in EBC.
The air here now feels impossibly rich with oxygen after the rarified atmosphere at 7000m. A stark contrast to when I first arrived just a week ago when even the short walk to the mess tent left me breathless.
Time for admin, washing clothes from the previous rotation, squaring away any kit that will be required for my summit push, and a shower* – a rare treat! 🚿
A large part of the day is spent comparing weather models and discussing summit plans with others.
We are looking 5 days out for possible summit days, but we also need to plan in a possible contingency day and time to get down in good order too – get it wrong and the whole expedition will certainly end in failure. 🌦️
The weather forecasts in England aren’t accurate 5-7 days out… so it’s a gamble here in the High Himalaya.”

Samad Jamber

“Tomorrow evening we will start the climb up Mount Everest.
Estimated time from Basecamp is 3-4 days.”

Colorado Mountain Lover

“Oxygen systems training is complete and it is almost go time! It is 6:30 at night here on the 14th and our plan is to start around midnight tomorrow night the 15th. I should be gone for 5 or 6 nights on the summit push. We’ve been waiting for the right weather window and now it is here! Here are some of the things around Basecamp that we do during the downtime and some of the everyday behind the scenes happenings. Ping pong and the espresso bar are very popular. Time in the big tent helps the time fly,keeps our spirits up and is always filled with music and laughter.”

Filipe Chamusca De Moura

“This night (1am) we will leave for our summit cycle. So many mixed feelings: anxiety, pride, fear, longing, joy, confidence.”

Ben Jones

“The Icefall Doctors for 2024.  I Can’t thank these guys enough for maintaining the route throughout the season in the Khumbu icefall to Camp 1. The other morning on our descent from Camp 2 we saw a collapse in the icefall early in the morning. After searching for a route for a bit, I needed more help and so we notified the icefall doctors and they were on their way to help find a safe and manageable route for climbers through the area in no time. Thanks guys for working hard each day maintaining the route!”

Dreamers Destination Team

“The team Dreamers Destination is heading to the summit tonight. We wish you and all the climbers heading to the summit good weather, good luck, good health, safe climbs, and beautiful success.”

Climbing The Seven Summits

“What an incredible last few days for our first summit team. Summiting in great weather, watching the sunrise from the top of the world, creating friendships that will last a lifetime, experiencing the power and beauty of the world’s tallest peak, and most importantly feeling what it’s like to walk safely back into Everest base camp after a successful climb. The team is all back in EBC now celebrating their achievements. Some will heli out to get back to friends and family (and newfound fame) and others will relish the journey of walking back down the valley slowly with their teammates. Either way they will have memories to last a lifetime. Once again, huge congrats to the climbers and thanks for trusting CTSS to support you in this massive goal.”

Tendi Sherpa

“On 13th of May, 2024 (yesterday)I stood on summit of Everest for my 16th times along with 25 members, guides and Sherpas from Climbing The Seven Summits. After successfully summiting yesterday we are all safely back down to base camp today!
Thank you to all for your kind support and prayers.”

Dave Watson

“The time has come. The moment we’ve been waiting for. Let’s go climbing.”

Eduard Kubatov

“The Saddest Day Ever! Ilimbay and Jamila have completed their expedition to Everest and are flying to Kathmandu! It’s hard to accept it all the time! Ilim and Zhamilya did their best, I am proud of them, they fought to the very limit, reached the Balcony 8380 meters, but the unfortunate wind of 70 and more kilometers left them no chance! They walked, even when the sherpas were afraid, they walked even when they stopped seeing each other in the utter darkness… But the elements cannot be overcome… and I’m glad and grateful that they’re starting to realize that the next step will inevitably bring them closer to apparent death! And at that moment they decided to come back and it was the best decision for their lives! Ilim and Jamila must live and create, must bring light and a better example to people, they must raise their children and give a future; to write, create and create for society and themselves! They have to live and in this plan – this is the best day! See you off, friends, and may the Almighty always protect you! And I stay here for you and try to get to the best and also ask the Almighty for strength and patience to overcome everything!”

7 Summits Club

“After a good rest, our team went out to storm Mount Everest. Many expeditions to 8000 meters were cancelled or ended in failure. We hope that our experience will help us.

 So, our schedule:
May 14 – Camp 2
May 15 – Camp 3
May 16 – South Col
May 17 ascent and descent to Camp 2
May 18 descent to the Base Camp
On May 19th, wait for us in Kathmandu.”

Alpine Ascents International

“Everest update; Second rotation complete”

Ryan Mitchell

Video Diary – Camp 2 to Camp 3



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