Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2024

Fundraiser launched to find lost Brit on Everest


The partner of a man feared lost after a fall on Everest has set up a fundraiser in the hope of “bringing him home to those who love him”.

Daniel Paterson, 39, from Wakefield, and his Nepali guide Pastenji Sherpa, 23, have not been heard from since they reached the top of the 29,032ft (8,849m) peak on Tuesday.

The pair fell down the Tibet side of the mountain after ice collapsed on them near the Hillary Step, just below the summit at around 28,800ft (8,800m).

Beck Woodhead, his partner, said the family were “mobilising every resource we can to locate Dan”.

The men were climbing with guiding company 8K Expeditions and had both reached the summit at around 04:40 local time.

They were descending the mountain when they and several other climbers were caught in a “sudden cornice fall” – brought on by a large line of climbers heading to the summit.

The company’s founder Lakpa Sherpa said: “Despite exhaustive search efforts, we regret to confirm that Daniel and Pastenji were unable to be recovered.”

Mr Paterson, co-owner of Wakefield Crossfit, had been documenting his journey to climb Everest since arriving in the Himalayas in Nepal last month.

His challenge was to help raise money for the family of a gym member who had recently died from cancer.

Ms Woodhead has set up a Gofundme page to raise £150,000 for a search and rescue operation for her partner, a huge Leeds United fan.

She said: “Dan is not just an adventurer; he is a beloved son, brother, partner, friend and a proud joint owner of Wakefield Crossfit.

“He is known for his adventurous spirit, his kindness, and his unwavering dedication to helping others.

“Now, it is our turn to help him. With his passion for Leeds United, we ask that in light of the upcoming play-off final; please help us to find him.”

Ms Woodhead explained she was hoping to organise “a search mission with the assistance of a rescue team specialising in search operations in extreme environments”.

The research nurse added: “Conducting a search and rescue operation on Everest is an incredibly complex and costly endeavour.

“We are not experts in this, and there is no guarantee of success.”

Less than 24 hours after being set up, the page has so far raised more than £100,000 and has been widely shared.

Meanwhile, in an Instagram post by Lakpa Sherpa, external, tributes were paid to both men, saying they had “heroically reached the summit of Mount Everest”.

Pastenji Sherpa was described as a “dedicated climber from his youth” who had twice climbed Everest.

It added: “His warm spirit, kindness and outstanding expertise made him one of the premier guides at 8K Expeditions.”

Mr Paterson was described as “equally committed to climbing, known for his robust fitness, uplifting positivity and strong determination”.

“He had successfully summitted Island Peak and Ama Dablam previously and tackled Everest with intense preparation and determination.”