Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Everest 2021

Further positive Covid tests at Everest

A local journalist has revealed further Covid issues at Everest after recently returning from Base Camp with Coronavirus herself.

Rojita Adhikari is frustrated by the apparent cover up from the Nepali Government and had this to say on Twitter on Friday morning.

“A Norwegian climber is returning home in the first week of May from Kathmandu. Climber, Erlend Ness, was evacuated from EBC after his health condition deteriorated there. Later, he was tested corona positive at Kathmandu hospital.

“Another UK-US climber Steve Davis is tested positive for covid during his stay at base camp. Gina Marie Han-Lee, an American climber, has abandoned the Everest expedition. A day after reaching EBC she flew back to Kathmandu.

“The Nepal Government is still denying there is a COVID outbreak at Everest base camp, despite emerging evidence. I tested positive soon after I returned from the camp. Why is the government hiding the truth ? Why are they putting hundreds of climbers at risk? For tourism money?”