Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Ministry of Tourism unconcerned by Yaas – 28th May

The Ministry of Tourism for Nepal is unconcerned for the safety of climbers on Everest despite the mountain being pounded by Cyclone Yaas.

They say they are aware of reports in the media that climbers are in distress but this is not the information that they are getting.

Their latest Press Release from 28th May reads;

“In view of the unforeseen and sudden changes in the weather and the damage caused by adverse weather conditions, we have asked the trekking operators to keep their climbers and mountain guides and other allies safe.

“As requested earlier, the department has received information that all climbers and mountaineers and other helpers involved in the climb are still safe at the base camp and the second base camp.

“Climbers, mountaineers and other helpers living in those places are in distress and have not been rescued says the news published in various media.”

“The department has received information that no climbers, mountaineers and other helpers are in distress and need to be rescued and the condition of the places is still normal.

“This will have a positive impact on the families of climbers and mountaineers and all other helpers.”