Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2021

Seven Summit Treks Season Summary

Seven Summit Treks Director Pasang Sherpa has given us a brief summary of the season for his team on Everest.

“Hello all dear friends and family ! 

“Thank you so much for your warm wishes, all my team are safely back to Basecamp and myself back to Kathmandu as we are compelled to accept the challenging weather that ended our “INDIAN CAPFS EVEREST EXPEDITION 2021”.

“But yeah, there’s a story to be shared with you. Firstly mountain climbing itself is a high risk sport, secondly the Covid-19 is heating up the base camp and thirdly the Cyclone Yaas affected the weather on Everest.

“So, how we planned the summit attempt was on 24th May 2021 and second attempt on 30th May 2021.

“For the 24th May 2021 summit plan we moved from base camp by 21st May and reached to C2, 22nd May to C3 but the Cyclone Yaas affected the weather that compelled the whole team to descend down with tough weather conditions by 23rd of May.

“Then again our team prepared to attempt the summit on 30th of May 2021 as the weather seemed quite favorable.

“We left Base Camp by 26th May night and 27th May reached to C2 but the weather again bacame challenging so quickly that it made us stick at C2 until date of hope on 29th May 2021.

“We the whole team along with other many other agency teams got stuck there and had to make a quick exit since there was little chance of making the summit.

“This expedition has really taught me a lot of things in climbing and personal life.

“Thank you so much for the all the supporting sherpa guide team who really gave their best and the entire climbing members who understood the nature patiently.

“We went through all the possible options that we had and gave our best and tried the best to get back safely.

“Definitely, being a part of “INDIAN CAPFS EVEREST EXPEDITION” was amazing.”