Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pioneer Adventures team for K2

Pioneer Adventures have named their Sherpa team that will be on K2 this summer.

“With the successful end of our Spring Expeditions, now our team is ready to conquer K2. We wish our team lead by Mr. Lakpa Sherpa and Mr. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa all the very best for their new adventure.

“May you all find great success. Wish you all good health, good weather and safest expedition!”

“Our Sherpa team for the Expedition are:
1. Mr. Lakpa Sherpa
2. Mr. Mingma D. Sherpa
3. Mr. Sanu Sherpa
4. Mr. Pemba R. Sherpa
5. Mr. Chhiring N. Sherpa
6. Mr. Mingma D. Sherpa (Saila)
7. Mr. Pemba D. Sherpa
8. Mr. Lakpa G. Sherpa
9. Mr. Tashi Sherpa