Monday, July 22, 2024

David Morgan completes ‘7 Summits’ with Denali success

David Morgan, AKA SoulSearch Australia, reached the summit of Denali this week, to complete his 7 summits challenge.

Just last month David topped Everest and congratulations go to him for achieving this epic feat;

“On 21st June 2021, I reached the Summit of the 3rd most isolated peak on the planet and the last of my ‘Seven Summits’ for Diabetes Australia donations and awareness.”

Lead by Jeremiah of Climbing The Seven Summits and an Alaska Mountaineering School guide breaking trail on an optimal morning had us enjoying the summit and creating new memories I’ll cherish forever.”

“A mountain of extreme weather and unpredictable conditions provided an extremely challenging expedition.

“Unfortunately I was the only team member to summit and my thoughts are with those that tried. I know they’ll return for the beauty of the mountains.”

Michael Hamill from ‘Climbing the Seven Summits’ added;

“A huge congrats to Australian David Morgan for completing his Seven Summits with Denali a few days ago only a month after summiting Everest!

“David, through sheer toughness and persistence, made it look easy at times and was always positive and willing to lend a hand to others in the team. It’s been great climbing with you, David. Well done mate!”