Thursday, June 13, 2024

Astorga makes speedy Denali climb via Cassin Ridge

Female alpinist Chantel Astorga has revealed her stunningly quick ascent of Denali this week along the Cassin Ridge.

Climbing alone she reached the top of North America’s highest mountain in just 14 hours and 39 minutes via the Cassin Ridge, a difficult route first climbed in 1961, that takes most climbers a number of days, rather than just a number of hours. Chantel had approached the ridge by skiing down the West Rib / Seattle Ramp and in doing so achieved a dream she says she has had for some time.

Astorga seemed to take this feat in her stride:

“Earlier this week my longtime vision and dream became a reality. Considerably good ski conditions down the West Rib/Seattle Ramp and powder turns down the SW Face apron. That was topped off with a solo ascent of the Cassin Ridge in 14:39,” she remarked on her Instagram account.

Stunning work Chantel, well done!