Thursday, June 13, 2024
Broad Peak

Filming takes a step closer on Broad Peak

Broad Peak will host the shooting of the new film “Oxygen” this summer, with the main characters — mountaineers Vitaly Lazo, Anton Pugovkin and the Norwegian Thomas Lone.

Here the ‘Death Zone Freeride’ team gave us an update – 21st June:

“Shooting a movie during an oxygen-free ascent of an 8-thousander is a very difficult, almost impossible task. In the past expeditions, the climbers of the Death Zone Freeride project did it on their own.

“During 2021 the athletes decided to focus on the route and entrust the shooting to the magnificent high-altitude operator Nika Lebanidze from Georgia.

“We were looking forward to meeting him in Pakistan, but at the last moment, Nika was diagnosed with COVID. He is feeling well, there are no external signs of the disease… But the world is changing and we have to follow new rules.

“We wish Nika all the best, and we hope that in 2022 he will definitely take part in a new Death Zone Freeride expedition.

“In 2021, Vitaly Lazo will again conduct high-altitude shooting of the “Oxygen” film. And of course, he will manage it well — after all, for the previous film “Risk Zone Nanga Parbat” (2019) he received an award in the nomination “Best Operator Work in Extreme Conditions” at the XXIII International Film Festival VERTICAL-2020.

“However, altitudinal shooting will require a lot of effort, and fatigue and defocusing of attention on ascents of such difficulty can be dangerous.”