Tamara Lunger – K2 Updates

Tamara Lunger is heading back to K2.

Just six months after leaving the mountain she returns for unfinished business and answers.

We will keep track of her journey with this diary;

26th July

“The ceremony for our friends was a big moment. It was important for all of us to have it done.

“Never could I have said that it would help me feel liberated, find peace and understand that happiness, real happiness, has really deep roots.

“I am so proud of all of us who had the desire and then the courage to go through something so intense and difficult.

“There is no more hatred in my heart for K2. She is always there where she belongs, with her majesty and tranquility. We are the ones who choose our state of mind in relation to her.

“It’s time to move on.”

23rd July

“K2, I love you and I hate you!
“It’s very beautiful and at the same time very difficult to be here again.”

19th July

“The last few days I’ve been asking myself why I like Pakistan, why I’m drawn to it, why I’m going back.

“The answer is: for love. Love for the landscapes, the mountains, the wilderness, the local people and everyone I meet and are on the road like me.

“Even though the last expedition tested me and broke my heart, this place has given me so much! And now it’s time to give something back to this country.

“We set off again for the hike to K2 base camp, and our thoughts are fixed on the beautiful beloved souls lost there.”

7th July

“In a few days I am leaving again for Pakistan! I’m going back with joy and fear at the same time, but above all I’m going back with an open heart and a mission!

“Monday July 5th was the 6 month anniversary of that fateful day! What could have been a day of great joy, was instead the day that changed everything, bringing with it really difficult moments, and pain and sadness. It feels like yesterday and at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago. What remains the same is how much JP is missed! Sergi, Alì, Jon and Atanas as well of course!

“Every difficult and painful moment can also bring with it something beautiful and in this case it’s this: we decided to take the baton and carry on the project that JP cared so much about goes on in his honor and memory, the project was to teach climbing to Pakistani children, in the Shigar Valley, certainly to make them have fun but also to guarantee them a future starting from the resources of their land.

“It’s called CLIMBING FOR A REASON! Super, right?

“And we are proud to be able to do this not only with boys but also with girls. Thanks to our friend Naila from Pakistan for this!

“We are leaving in a few days, do you also feel like participating and helping?
Info and link to crowdfunding here https://gogetfunding.com/climbing-for-a-reason/
Thank you very much. This project is worth so much to me.”


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