Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Lina Quesada cancels K2 bid

Lina Quesada has cancelled her attempt on K2 this year.

Ultimately the Covid situation and the difficulties it has presented in getting into Pakistan has become too much:

“After much pondering the pros and cons of doing the K2 Expedition this year, I decided there were too many drawbacks.

“It has been a hard winter training alone in Sierra Nevada, overcoming the aftermath of the Covid, saving and mentalizing the situation. My flight was canceled a few weeks ago and now, analyzing the situation of the population in Pakistan, still unvaccinated and the great risk involved in setting up a base camp in these conditions, I have decided to postpone my project to 2022.

“I hope to go with more energy and more strength and hopefully we end this soon and there is really normality !!!”



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