Tuesday, May 21, 2024
2023 News

A Fine Line – Graham Zimmerman

Professional Alpine Climber Graham Zimmerman has released a short film in support of his released memoir, A Fine Line.

“I was delighted when @outdoorresearch and @tincupwhiskey both offered to support this film, not only because it highlights the book but also because it’s a film I have wanted to make for a long time.

Over ten years ago, when I first started filmmaking, the short film, “Dark Side of the Lens” by @mickeysmithetc was a massive inspiration. The storytelling is both lovely and ethereal, while the images are beautiful. It draws you into the practice of shooting surf photography in the fringed waters along the west coast of Ireland.”

“Around the same time, I was exposed to a post-hard-core noise rock band called @wearethemenbk. They had just released their first full-length. It was noisy and raw, and I loved it.

The idea of creating a short film, capturing my journey as an alpinist, inspired by Dark Side of the Lens, utilizing archival imagery for my career and a particular song from that release, titled, “If You Leave,“ has been a concept I’ve been ruminating on it for many years

Today, thanks to the talent of the team at @bedrockfilmworks and the support of @tincupwhiskey and @outdoorresearch, we get to launch that film into the world.

I hope you enjoy it.” – Graham Zimmerman