Tuesday, May 21, 2024
2023 News

Skiers die on Chilean Volcano

Two deaths have been reported after an accident on the Puntiagudo Volcano in Chile.

Skiing pioneer Tof Henry and Chilean mountain guide Juan Señoret died on Wednesday, October 11 on the upper flanks of the 2493-meter volcano in Chile’s Los Lagos region.

Photographer Mathurin Vauthier was with Henry and Señoret on Puntiagudo when the two skiers fell from the summit down the line they were planning to ski. He was uninjured and was the first to reach the two after after the fall, but was unsuccessful in his attempts to save the pair.

A native son of skiing’s most famous valley, Tof Henry was known for blindingly fast descents of Chamonix’s classic lines. Alongside others, Henry was a pioneer of a new style of steep skiing that brought unthinkable speed to routes that were usually navigated only by cautious hop turns. His inimitable style was captured in the 2018 documentary “Born in Chamonix.” He is survived by son Jules.