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Kristin Harila reacts to loss of ‘Brother’ Lama


Kristin Harila has given her official reaction to the loss of climbing partner Tenjen Sherpa.

Tenjen, who recently completed 14 eight-thousanders in just 92 days along with Harila, was caught in an avalanche on Shishapangma last week and lost his life.

Kristen used her social media to share her heartbreak on the loss;

I never thought I would have to write something so heartbreaking and so tough.
My bhai. My brother. Lama, is gone.

Lama, you will forever be to me, the very definition of human kindness. You were proud of being Sherpa and your passion for the mountains inspired me again and again. On the mountains, you were so confident, so knowledgeable. You moved in unity with the mountains. You were home, and you so kindly invited me in.

Bhai, on the mountain you were my motivator, my friend, my family.

We often talked about family. We shared the same values. The love for your wife and your two boys shone in your eyes when you told me about the plans for the future. You wanted your boys to study, to see the world.

For 92 days, we shared everything, noodlesoup, dry fish, cola, warmth, laughter and dreams. I trusted my life to you and you trusted yours to me. Now, it feels like a part of me is gone.

Today, only the pain is left, like a deep knife twisting in my heart. I want to talk to you again, I want to laugh again with you, I want to share so much more with you. I want to show you the North of Norway, as we spoke about. We had so many plans, we had so much to do still. A small consolation to me is knowing that you left us while doing what you loved and what you were extremely good at.

Bhai… I miss you. I will always miss you. And I want you to know that you have achieved so much, you made so many people proud. Thank you for staying true to yourself throughout our journey together. You never lost focus of why you did what you did. Your family, your love for the mountains and loyalty to your team defined you as a human. Thank you for letting me live along your side, for a little while. Thank you for the learnings you gave me, those will last for a long while, together with the memory of you, that I will carry with me wherever I go.

You are strong, you are kind, and you will always be so incredibly important to me.

Further details on the Shishapangma tragedy can beĀ found here.