Saturday, April 20, 2024
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No o2 Everest bid for Sajid Ali Sadpara


Sajid Ali Sadpara has announced his aim this season is to summit Everest without the use of additional oxygen.

Having previously topped Manaslu and Annapurna without added o2 the Skardu resident has now switched his sights on the big one.

Sajid today announced the attempt on his Social Media channels;

“Climbing Everest without O2 is the ultimate challenge for any mountaineer.

With gracious support of @nimsdai & his foundation @nimsdaiFNDN for my Everest Expedition 2023. It is my dream to summit the highest point on Earth in pure mountaineer’s style without use of O2 & assistance.

It’s very close to my heart as it was my late father’s dream as well. I will be first Pakistani to try Everest w/o oxygen and if Allah helps, I will be 1st one to raise national flag.

Only 200 climbers have done so in history of mountaineering w/o O2 while there have been over 5000 with.

I will be using the ground logistic support of Seven Summit Trek as my primary host of adventure in Nepal.

I request all for prayers and good wishes for this ultimate challenge.”