Thursday, June 13, 2024
2023 News

New route success for Polish pair on Chobutse


Polish climbers Wadim Jabłoński and Maciej Kimel have climbed a new route on the 6,680m Chobutse.

It is the first ascent of its northeast pillar, which they started on October 13 and topped out on October 16.

The descent has been completed safely.

Their ‘Polish Sport Climbing in the Himalayas’ team reported the news today with this Social Media post;

Good news from Nepal!

Wadim Jabłoński and Maciej Kimel are laying a new route on Chobutse (Tsoboje) 6680 m above sea level in the Rolwaling Himalayas.

Thus, they achieve their goal – they overcome the northeast pillar in the region of the unfinished trial of Romanian mountaineers: Mihnea Radu Prundeanu and Kyriakos Rossidis from 2019.

“The mountain looks monstrous and difficult, but there’s nothing like a pillar (which the team is going to climb). There’s a lot of ice” – Wadim reported during acclimatization.

From the first days after arriving at the base in the village of Na – the last settlement in the valley – the climbers began preparations for the mountain action – acclimatization, putting ABC under the wall, camping at an altitude of 6000 meters above sea level. A short period of bad weather forced Maćek and Wadim to rest to go full steam ahead on October 13 of myself.

The team spent the night from 13 to 14 in ABC at an altitude of 4900 m above sea level. Another night was already in the wall at an altitudes of 5750 m above sea level, on October 15, they wrote in a short text message from Garmin of Inreach “we climbed the wall, we are already on the edge at an altitude about 6150 m above sea level. We have an elegant camping in the ice cave. “ It was after this the next day that they reached the summit.

Today they reached the lakes at an altitude of 5100 m above sea level. “indescribable tiredness. But we are safe now,” they report.