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Everest 2021

Daily Everest Updates – 24th May

A summary of today’s updates from Individuals and Teams on Everest – 24th May

Alex Jiangge

“Not everyone has a second chance, for that matter, I’m lucky.

“I’ve been waiting for this since our unsuccessful attempt on the 13th, due to the strong wind on South Col.

“Now, both I and my partner are well-rested and acclimated. No more dry nose, pain throats, and endless coughings. Our body conditions are way much better than before.

“This time the window seems to be stable and wide, we’re now going up at this midnight, targeting on the 29th morning, the same day that in 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa successfully did the first summit of Everest in human history. If the weather allows, I hope I’ll be on top of the world on that day.

“Tonight is the night, we are going up, up and up and up, until we made it to the top.”

Alpine Ascents

“Beautiful weather with hardly anyone else ascending to the South Col.

“Let’s see what the weather gods bring us for our summit attempt.”

Asian Trekking

“Eco Everest member and Sichuan Acme expedition climber, Zhang Hong, a 46-year-old visually impaired Chinese climber has become the first blind person from Asia to scale the world’s tallest peak Mt. Everest at 9 am – 24th May , 2021 along with 3 High Altitude Guides.

“Asian trekking family congratulates the team for their success and pray for their safe return to base camp.”

Climbing the Seven Summits

“A hearty congratulations to Francesco Tiribelli & Ang Dawa Sherpa who are currently standing on the summit of Lhotse as the 2nd Italian ever to achieve the double header. Everest yesterday, Lhotse today!!

“All of our climbers from yesterday’s summit wave are safely at their respective camps and will be descending to EBC today or tomorrow. Our final wave of CTSS summit climbers, with the Western Guided Team & Damian, plan to head to Camp 1 tonight.”

Colin O’Brady

“ALMOST TIME – It’s been a LONG wait, but patience pays off.

“It’s nearly time to leave Everest Base Camp and make my push for the summit.”

Dmitry Semerenko

“Today is the decisive night of our team Everest / Lhotse 2021.

“Thank you all for your kind words, experiences and support 🙏.

“This time I clearly saw the different views of people on climbing: Many share this love, passion and desire to be in the mountains. There is also another opinion: Why ?! Why are you doing this ?! What’s the point ?! If you love risk, go to war and defend your homeland. If you have no place to spend this money, give it to an orphanage.

“And why are you stealing your family’s time? And most importantly: what’s the point that you’re on top ?!

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But in order to speak the same language, you need to be in the same situation. I can answer without dispute: TRY.”

Expedition Himalaya

“Ms. Anni Katri Penttile (Finnish) and Mr. Dante Giovanni Filice (Swiss) of Altitude Junkies along with 3 sherpas namely Pasang Ongchu Sherpa, Kami Nuru Sherpa and Pemba Chiri Sherpa has successfully summited Mt. Everest this morning at around 00:30 am.

“Members were the part of Mountain Trip Everest Expedition 2021 having permit number 38.

“A huge congratulations to all for the successful accent.”

Francois Trouillet

“47 days journey before I hope to reach the top!

“It’s a long time but departure is tonight.”

Heimer Hallgrimsson and Siggi Bjarni

“Top reached! What a masterpiece and what an achievement!”

International Mountain Guides

“Our climbing teams were able to summit over the weekend, reaching the top of Everest and Lhotse on the same day.

“Congratulations to our climbing teams for their hard work and perseverance making this uncommon year a success in the high alpine.”

Jess Wedel

“The time has come. We’re heading up the mountain tonight. With a hopeful Everest summit on May 29 and a hopeful Lhotse summit on May 30.

“I feel calm, ready, at ease. I know there will be struggle and laughs and low + high moments in the coming days. I’m ready for it all.

“I’ll let it be big. I’ll let it be small. I’ll remember everything it took to have this chance. Every stair climb, every mountain, every ounce of hope so many of you have poured into me over the last 5 years.

“My Everest journey started the moment I heard “you have cancer. Gone were an pretenses, any moments to waste. My life became a journey of letting go and holding on with everything I had. And these 8 days are not a culmination. Are not an ending or a summit high. But simply more moments, more experiences, more living.

“Out of the familiar and into the unknown.

“See you on the other side, my pals.”

Jon Kedrowski

“We are ready to go up!

“Unfortunately there are still very strong winds on the top of Everest.

“Tonight there are many people that are trying for the top of the world in these winds. Our turn will come soon.”

Jonathan Lamy


“It’s a huge honor to be the 2nd French to achieve the double. Wow wow wow.”

Josh Gates – Summit Pursuits

“Josh and team made it to Camp 4, South Col. They are resting and strong.

“Today will be a rest day and tomorrow they will start their summit attempt, with plans to summit on the 26th, Nepal time.

“They feel good about weather right now. Continue to pray weather holds.”

Khoo Swee Chiow

“Summit Plan:

25th C1
26th C2
27th C3
28th C4
29th Summit

“Pray for good weather.”

Khyrsty Mokhnatska

“Ready to climb.

“I’ll be in touch when I go down (May 31).

“It’s time!

“Thank you to everyone who has been with me these 45 days 🙂❤️ I love you all.”

Pioneer Adventures

“We are pleased to announce that our rest of the team have also reached the summit today morning at around 3:30 am.

“We congratulate our team for grand success. We would also appreciate the efforts of Mr. Ngaa Tenji Sherpa Mr. Lakpa Sherpa and Mr. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa for leading our team to success and helping us keep updated.

“We would like to express heartfelt gratitude to our Kitchen Staffs and porter would contribute immensely to the success of the team.

“We are proud of our team!!”

Ronan Murphy

“No words can capture my emotions for achieving this summit.

“Conditions were good on the final day but it was tough going waiting for the weather window to open up.

“One more journey through the Icefall before returning to the comforts of Base Camp.” 

“Very tired but still going strong!”

7 Summits Club

“Group “Everest-1” – almost all participants descended yesterday to the Camp 2 (6400 m), where they were met by doctor Sergey Larin. And there they spent the night. Two participants Mikhail Mikheev and Daniel Wolfson went down only to the Camp 3 yesterday. This morning they already came to the Camp 2.

“Alexander Abramov turned down, not reaching the top, with participant Dmitry Livanov, who did not feel well. Now Dmitry is in the Camp 2, waiting for a helicopter to evacuate to the hospital in Kathmandu.
“The “Everest-2” and “Lhotse” groups are now climbing from the Camp 2 to the Camp 3 (7,100 m). The summit assault is scheduled for the night of May 26. However, the weather is very unstable. There is another cyclone from India… But the team is hoping for a weather window.
“Now the group “Everest-1″ begins the descent to the Base Camp. Everyone should be at the base by evening.”

Summit Climb

“All 8 of us summited and are back safe at Camp 4, in the tents drinking tea, soup, resting on oxygen. Exhausted and happy is how i would describe the way we are feeling right now.

“It was very windy on the summit.

“We saw very few other teams or even any other people during our ascent; basically we had the mountain to ourselves. We did pass a few groups while we were descending and they were coming up.”


“The wind here on the South Col is very strong so we will descend now to camp 3 or perhaps camp 2.

“We are very tired and with the wind blowing us, its a bit difficult walk down. Trying to stay focused for a safe descent.”

Vanessa Estol

“We remain at Camp 2.

“If the weather opens and we get the resources we will try to go up again in a few days (29 or 30)”

Daily Everest Updates – 25th May