Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Altitude Junkies – 3rd May

An update from Phil Crampton at Altitude Junkies from 3rd May.

“Our Sherpa will make their fourth and final carry tomorrow to Camp Two. All the supplies for Camp Three and Four will be in place at Camp Two and will be moved into position later this month.”

“Our team members had originally planned to go to Camp One yesterday and on to Camp Two today. But, we had a last minute change of plan to allow two additional nights at base camp before being at 6400 meters for several days. This worked to our advantage as there was a large collapse in the icefall yesterday, at about the time we would have been traveling through it, so we consider ourselves very fortunate indeed.”

“We plan to make only one rotation to Camp One and Two, hopefully touching Camp Three in the process. With only making one rotation, this exposes our Sherpa and team members to less time in the icefall and less time sitting around Camp Two using up valuable supplies in food and fuel that have to be carried through the icefall by the Sherpa. This schedule has worked well for us in the past and avoids a long period at base camp before the summit push.”