Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Elite Expeditions – 3rd May

An update from Nirmal Purja MBE, leader at Elite Expeditions – May 3rd

“All team members have safely reached camp 2 today – all fit and healthy.

“They will head up to touch Camp 3 tomorrow.

“Members will have the chance to call family from Camp 3 if they wish.

“They will then return to Camp 2 to spend the night there and then return to Base Camp the next day.”

Plus wise words from Vinayak Jaya Malla, guide with Elite Expeditions – May 3rd

“The Western Cwm, also known as the Valley of Silence because it’s often windless and deathly quiet. On days like this, the surrounding snow-covered slopes surrounding are so bright that the valley becomes a kind of solar oven, with temperatures soaring to 35 °C despite an elevation of 6000 to 6800 metres.

“But when sun turns to shade, the temperature can plummet to below freezing in minutes!”