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Everest Summit Reaction – Andrew Hughes

On 23rd May, Andrew Hughes stood on the summit of Everest – Here he gave his reaction…

“At times words feel like cages for expressing an experience, limiting the unfurling of the full feelings and height of the moment that one seeks to have their sentiments soar.

“So in a lack of words, I have stood silent in a surreal state looking back at the last weeks in disbelief of what has filled them…

“For on the morning of May 23rd, I reached the summit of Everest at 10:10 a.m. in the morning, completing the Seven Summits and a goal I had set out to achieve just over 5 years before.

“I stood atop the world.

“I cried.

“I beamed with joy.

“I thought of those I love and how where I was would never be possible without them…and I cried more.

“I spoke words of gratitude to the mountain for the gracious gift of permitting me safe passage to its peak and the baptism of struggle it forced me to endure to arrive in that moment with heightened humility and appreciation.

“I embraced friends, teammates, and bumped mitts with strangers on this same stage as me.

“I removed my mask to know a breathe beyond any my body had ever known and touched with bare hands the billowing prayers flags that like fluttering colorful flowers were sewn across the summit snow.

“On May 23rd, I stood on the summit of Everest.

“But not without the help of my amazing team this year and every team I have ever been a part of that helped me evolve and become ready for this ascent.

“I stood on the summit because of the incredible Sherpas who make this mountain possible.

“I stood on this summit because of all those who have held me in their thoughts and prayers and supported me through the years.

“I stood on the summit and more importantly returned safely from it because to do so and return to those you love and the woman I love – Lauren Rosalie – stand higher in importance always than any summit.

“In the end, I was graced for the mountain and my body was willing to safely allow me to seek these heights…and for all of this I am eternally grateful and filled with humility for the heights I was permitted to reach on this unforgettable day in my life.”



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