Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Nimsdai proud of team efforts in ‘Tough Year’

Elite Expeditions Team Boss Nirmal Purja MBE has given a short summary of his tough year on Everest.

“Every problem has a solution and I keep saying “Failure is not an option “

“I’m proud to be a trail blazer and help the Big Mountain community.

“This year’s conditions on Everest were tough – winds, snow, and forecasts not matching up to the weather we got, all made it harder to plan and get a good weather window. And obviously the COVID situation wasn’t helping.

“During the final summit push, many teams were stuck at Camp 2. We had horrendous winds and snow fall. Many teams made the decision to cancel due to the treacherous and unpredictable conditions.

“But for me, I knew I could do it, lead my clients safely and successfully, it was simply a case of waiting, planning and preparing. My time on the Big Mountains and in the Special Forces, means I always have a plan ready to go and I prepare for all eventualities. I am so proud of my team and the commitment they have given to get this far and so I wanted to make sure they got to summit.

“The weather was a challenge, no doubt about it. But once that weather window opened, we were ready to go. The great news is that once our team went, others were able to follow and we understand they are now summiting, which is great news.

“Dedicating yourself to a goal like Everest takes so much time and dedication, I am so proud of my team and I wanted to ensure 2021 is the year they will always remember that they stood on the top of the world.

“We are all now safe and healthy and back at Base Camp. The team did an incredible job and I’m so proud of them.”