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Everest Summit Reaction – Colin O’Brady

Colin O’Brady has given his early reaction to reaching the summit of Everest this morning. A feat he made with a surprise partner!

“Surprise, look who is on the summit with me… Jenna Besaw the most badass wife.

“I am beaming with pride. Standing on the summit of Mt. Everest with my incredible wife most certainly goes down as one of the most magnificent moments of my life.

“After being here in Nepal with me and only planning on climbing as high as Camp 2, she changed her mind and set her sights on the top two weeks ago. She asked me what I thought, and for me it was the easiest decision to scrap my No O2 project and instead dedicate my energy to supporting her goals. We got all the paperwork in order last minute and shifted gears. Jenna wanted to keep her decision quiet until summit day.

“To avoid confusion, we both climbed using supplemental oxygen today. That was the best and safest way for me to support her.

“I look forward to one day telling our kids and grandkids about Jenna B’s bold climb to the top of the world. Our shared experience today for me easily trumps any individual accolade or record.

“I have so much more to share about our time at the top of the world (I’ll share more soon)…but right now I’m exhausted in our tent safely back in Camp 2. No climb is truly a success until you are safely back in basecamp. We’ll descend the Khumbu Icefall one last time early tomorrow morning to finish the climb.

“What a day!!! Wow! Having a hard time truly finding the words to describe.”



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