Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest Summit Reaction – Marie Pier Desharnais

After her summit of Everest on May 31st, Marie-Pier Desharnais has given her reaction.

1- summit of Everest
2- summit of Lhotse

“Huge thanks to @prakash_is_light_sherpa @nimsdai and @eliteexped for helping me making one of my dreams reality.

“I sumitted Everest at 6:05 on 31st of May. Winds of 45km/h kept us chilly up there! After an hour on the summit, I started the timer and literally ran down to south col in an hour, all part of my plan to break a world record from summit (Everest) to summit (Lhotse).

“I made good progress up until just before the couloir on Lhotse (8,100m). But there was so much snow. Breaking trail in sometimes almost a meter of snow was hard and so was digging the fixed rope out but the real deal was the avalanche danger. So the mission was aborted, safety obliged.

“An avalanche completely covered our tents in camp 2 the night we went up to camp 3. Had we decided to stay back, God knows what would have happened. We were lucky. The weather has been tricky this year for us, to say the least..

“But tonight, we celebrate.

“Everest is like nothing else. Words fail me. Merci la vie.”