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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Colin O’Brady – 11th May

Colin O’Brady gave this update from Everest Camp 4 on 11th May.

“It’s been quite a day. I officially reached my highest altitude without supplemental oxygen. Pictured here me cresting the Geneva Spur just before Camp 4, the final Camp on Everest.

“@dawafin and I got out of our tent at 5am to make our way from High Camp 3 (23,500ft) to Camp 4 (26,000ft). We got a bit of everything today, sun, snow, wind, calm. It took us 5 hours to get to Camp 4. I was very pleased with that effort. I felt strong on the way up.

“Camp 4 was a bit of a scene today as a few large teams were making their summit attempts. When we got to Camp 4 we could see climbers near the summit.

“We stayed in Camp 4 for 3 hours so that our bodies could adapt to that altitude. Surprisingly I didn’t have a headache or any ill symptoms while we were up there other than being very out of breath every step I took.

“My energy waned a bit on the descent, but overall I felt great. We got back to our icy perch Camp 3 in the afternoon. We’ll spend tonight here before descending back to Camp 2.”



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