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Everest 2023 Updates – 10th May


Updates from 10th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 



Sajid Ali Sadpara

Inshallah I will start the summit push of Everest tonight if everything goes well and according to plan i will be at the top of world on 13 or 14 May



Stefi Troguet

Tonight I’m off for my second acclimatisation rotation.
While most of the Base Camp is preparing for the summit push, I’m going to see how far I can go to finish my acclimatisation 🤞🏼!
See you in a few days




Hi this is David from Namche Bazaar where we are continuing our recovery and strengthening process before our summit push. We’re continuing to eat well and enjoy the oxygen rich air to optimise our performance for when we get back to base camp which is expected on Friday . It looks like the ropes to the summit should be fixed around the 13th or 14th now after the current winds subside. Our Sherpas were at camp 2 last night and have reported tent destruction at some of the camps due to high winds . Our tents were reset by our Sherpas and fortunately we don’t appear to have taken any damage . The wind at camp 2 last night was estimated at around 100km/ hr. The current forecast for winds at the summit includes speeds of 150km/ hr . It is both a windy and snowy year this year.



Daniel Laidig

Over the last week and a half since our first rotation we have been resting waiting for the weather to shift on the summit. It has been a challenging year so far for weather. Winds have been over 90mph on Everest, and obviously, that is way too high. Last night, a number of our tents at camp 2 were destroyed and blown into a nearby crevasse. So…right now I’m at basecamp waiting out the high winds. Hopefully in the next couple of days it will calm enough for a safe summit.



Mingma Sherpa

Our expedition group has accomplished final rotation to Camp III.Now the team is waiting for the favourable weather so that summit push can be initiated safely and successfully



Imagine Nepal

The wind is calming down on Everest. Our previous plan was to fix the rope to the summit of Everest by the end of April but the devastating accident in Khumbu Icefall which took lives of our 3 Sherpa brothers and bad weather delayed the climb. We are mourning but we know we have taken the responsibilities and we must fulfill them. Our team will try to fix the route to the summit in May-13-14 and I humbly request you to help the families of the sherpa brothers by donating or sharing the post. If your friends or known personalities are climbing Everest and lhotse this year then help to tag them in the post too.

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Suhajda Szilárd

Have started my third and final acclimatization lap before going to the summit