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Everest 2023 Updates – 13th May


Updates from 13th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 



Imagine Nepal

Regardless of the emotional, physical, and mental challenges faced during this year’s Everest expedition, under the management of EOA (Expedition Operator Association of Nepal), Imagine Nepal’s route-fixing team of Sherpa has successfully concluded the third phase of Everest rope fixing. The group, led by IFMGA guide Dawa Gyalje Sherpa and under the coordination of Mingma G, has completed the challenging task of fixing ropes to the summit of Mount Everest.

The team’s hard work and dedication were rewarded on 13th May 2023, at 01:52 pm NPT, when they reached the summit of the world’s highest mountain. It was a proud moment for the team and a testament to their skills and expertise.

The fixing team comprised highly experienced Sherpas, including (right to left in picture):

1. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa (Team Leader) from Rolwaling
2. Nima Nuru Sherpa from Thame
3. Lakpa Sona Sherpa from Thame
4. Dipen Gurung from Sankhuwasabha
5. Pasang Ngima Sherpa from Phortse
6. Lhakpa Tenjing Sherpa from Thame
7. Phur Galjen Sherpa from Thame
8. Dawa Jangbu Sherpa from Thame
9. Suman Gurung (Photographer) from Gorkha

The successful conclusion of the rope fixing is a significant milestone for Imagine Nepal and the climbers waiting to climb Mount Everest safely to reach the summit.

We are so grateful to the fixing team for their hard work and dedication, and we send our best wishes for a safe return.

At Imagine Nepal, we strongly believe in keeping the mountains clean. Every small effort we make can significantly impact the mountain environment. In the picture are the old ropes and oxygen cylinders collected by our fixing team during the first and second phases of the rope fixing. Our team will continue to collect more rubbish from south Cole and above upon returning from the summit.



Mingma G

Everest Rope Fixing Summit Team2023
1. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa (Team Leader) from Rolwaling
2. Nima Nuru Sherpa
3. Lakpa Sona Sherpa
4. Dipen Gurung
5. Pasang Ngima Sherpa
6. Lhakpa Tenjing Sherpa
7. Phur Galjen Sherpa
8. Dawa Jangbu Sherpa
9. Suman Gurung
Co-ordinated from Base Camp by Mingma G.



Ascent Himalayas

“Update from Mt Everest expedition team 2023.We’ve made great progress so far and are on track for the summit! Here’s our updated plan:
13th May: Base camp to camp 2
14th May: Rest day at camp 2
15th May: Camp 3
16th May: Camp 4
17th May: Summit day!
Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to conquer the world’s highest peak. Keep us in your thoughts and wish us luck!



Stefi Troguet

Hello from Camp3, under 7100m. Today I sleep here! !
All the Lhotse face is a blue-ice wall! ! ! !




Hi this is David , all the team is now on their way back to base camp to arrive either today or tomorrow. We’re looking forward to moving on with the summit phase of the expedition



Suhajda Szilárd

Szilárd has reached the highest point so far during his acclimatization, currently he is at 7900 meters!!!



Tomasz Kobielski

Everything is going according to plan, although the weather – just to put it aside – lets you burn slightly.

We’re in C2. After a windy night of tent-packing, we made it to another camp in the scorching sun. ☀️ Now we are waiting here for two nights, rest tomorrow. ”

Traditionally, we ask you in the name of “Our” to keep your fingers crossed!



Pioneer Expeditions

Wishing the Everest 2023 team A the best of luck as they embark on their summit push from base camp! They’ve safely reached camp 2 and are now eagerly awaiting the perfect weather window to conquer the peak. May their determination and skill guide them to the summit and back, achieving their dreams!

Meanwhile, as team B gears up for their own journey, we send them our heartfelt wishes for a safe and successful ascent to camp 2. Let the mountains inspire and reward their efforts!



Altitude Junkies

Following the traversal of the treacherous Khumbu Icefall and spending one night at Camp 1 and two nights at Camp 2, we encountered strong winds that resulted in the unfortunate loss of our dining tents and several MH Tango 3.1 tents. Despite these challenges, all our team members successfully returned to Base Camp on May 9th after completing their rotation, and they immediately flew to Kathmandu for a well-deserved rest. They had a pleasant time in Kathmandu and returned to Base Camp yesterday.

Meanwhile, our Sherpa team accomplished the task of depositing the required supplies at South Col earlier this morning. Now, we eagerly await favorable weather conditions to make our summit push, aiming to reach the summit by May 19, 2023.



Vivian Cai

Back at Base Camp, Ready to go soon.



Guy Cotter

We just discovered we’ve had a cache of gear stolen from South Col. Tents, stoves, pots and gas all gone. The thieves do not consider the impacts this might have on the safety of our people when they arrive to find this vital equipment gone. This is the work of cheap operators who do not have enough of their own equipment and have to steal to cover the shortfall. I think this may only be the start, we already hear of some of the large cheap
Operators not having enough oxygen to supply this teams. Anyone joining a cheap operator is as much to blame as the thieves themselves.



Climbing The Seven Summits

Summit bids are here!! A month and a half of acclimatizing, years of training and a lifetime of dreaming have led us to this point. The team has done everything right and positioned themselves perfectly to get the job done. They have worked extremely hard and we are honored to be a part of their journey. Now it is time to climb. Wishing this incredible team of climbers, Sherpa and guides all the best in their bid for the top of the world.



Bidhan Shrestha

Leaving Base camp, chasing the summit.
Hoping for a safe and successful journey as we embark on this long-awaited dream. The excitement is overwhelming, and I couldn’t be happier. Going off the grid for a while, but I promise to return with good news.



Kenton Cool

Kenton, client Richard and the team are up at Camp 2 resting prior to commencing the rest of the push to Everest summit.



Furtenbach Adventures

Update from our Everest & Lhotse Team 🛰️📞 All team members made it safely through the Khumbu icefall and are now at Camp 1. The rest of the day will be spent resting before moving on to camp 2.



Asad Memon

Things are getting serious now. 2 days til summit push



Rohan Freeman

It’s that time… we’re starting the summit push tonight. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be out of touch until May 20. Until then… cheers.

We did a final sorting of gear today and tested the oxygen mask and system. Everything is in working order. Praying for safe passage.